Josh Turner | How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Leads

Josh Turner is the Founder and CEO of LinkedSelling and the Developer of Connect 365; an email automation software that helps you re-target lost leads, touch base with future leads, and even follow-up on failed payments.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Josh’s Journey of Becoming a LinkedIn Guru
  • How Josh Used a LinkedIn Group to Help Build Authority in the Beginning
  • Don’t Be A Leg Humper
  • Is LinkedIn’s Paid Membership, Sales Navigator, Worth It?
  • Josh’s Experience Developing the Connect 365 Software
  • The Main Mistake People Make When Developing Software
  • How Josh Uses Connect 365 to Re-target Lost LinkedIn Leads
  • Josh’s Mentors Throughout the Evolution of His Professional Life
  • Who Josh Thanks for His Success

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