062: Peter Shallard of Commit Action | How to Develop Good Habits

Peter Shallard
Peter Shallard is widely known as ?the Shrink for Entrepreneurs.?? The man who helps entrepreneurs to develop good habits.

He worked in clinical therapy for several years, helping people overcome anxiety, depression, and addictions. In other words, helping people to overcome major demons.

He enjoyed the work, but didn?t love it. But along the way he discovered he loved working with entrepreneurs because they tend to be forward thinkers, game-changers and creative innovators who are always pushing the envelope.

So he shifted business focus and his business towards working with entrepreneurs.

Today, he helps for-profit businesses to develop good habits and to create positive change in the world, better, faster and more effectively.

He is also the co-founder of a new business called Commit Action, which uses neuroscience and psychology to help entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals to defeat what he calls an ?epidemic of procrastination.?

In this episode, we talk about how to conquer bad habits, to develop good habits and to defeat procrastination.? Peter has some wise advice for any entrepreneur or entrepreneur at heart for how to tackle this crucial issue.


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