George Uribe | The Value of Understanding Your Clients’ Needs

And so we’re here at Global Leadership Conference. Is this your first one? How long you’ve been involved with EO,

George Uribe 4:49

yeah, it’s been 12 years in EO I’ve had different positions. I was a co chair for learning. I was chair of the Social Committee during the pandemic. I got some results fun time. Good times. Yeah, no, we have some great saris. And now I’m the diversity chair where the I am the first diversity chair for my chapter in Nashville. And you know, diversity is more than just let’s find some people to join, right. It’s also changing the way we think, and changing our behaviors. So we came up with a great idea. We’re gonna go to different restaurants and experience different cultures and learn about the culture and in great EO fashion, you know, we like to have fun with each other. But we’re also going to take the fun and up our game with our own preconceived notions of people how they live their cultures, their countries. But as relates to GLC, this has been great. I think the best thing that I like about GLC is meeting people. It’s like a mini United Nations like I was in one room that translators going on. And honestly, wherever you sit, wherever you sit next to you learn something new. I’ve even learned things that I could do in my chapter from other people in other countries. And the one thing is, I never wasted time with my own chapter here. I’m like, I’ll see you guys back home in Nashville. Because I would sit down to lunch and have a conversation with somebody in another country, make a new friend. And then you never know business comes from it, or collaborations within our chapters. And that’s really what this is all about.

John Corcoran 6:10

I guess there’s a reason why you got the nickname The mayor of EO, which is how you were introduced to me a little bit earlier today.

George Uribe 6:17

Well, thank you, I’ll take it. And I think at the end of the day, what I like to do is connect people, I feel like that’s my gift is the connection. And the reason what you do with it. That’s, that’s not my deal. But like connecting people is and I feel I feel great doing it. And I will say I had three lunches today. So I didn’t actually eat three meals. But I took a meal and I sat at one table. And then I went to the next table. Because it’s just this is only a few days. And at the end of the day, when when I leave here, I learned a lot of things. But I also met a lot of people and that’s very rewarding,

John Corcoran 6:50

and had a lot of plates of food. Even if you didn’t know I

George Uribe 6:53

didn’t I actually actually didn’t eat much of the plates of the food because I was too busy listening.

John Corcoran 6:57

That’s great. That’s great. Any final thoughts for those who are watching this who haven’t been to GLC before any EO members that are maybe thinking about coming to a future one? Any final thoughts for them or advice?

George Uribe 7:07

Yes, so the biggest thing I learned at GLC was not how to be a leader, it was how to be a good member. Think about this for a second, I didn’t know half of the things that we could do as a member. Because I didn’t fully participate, I didn’t fully understand the opportunity that was in front of me. Now there were great talks here, lots of takeaways, and lots of people, as I said, but at the end of the day, I’m going to be a better member because I was here and what I feel right now I’m leaving this convention feeling this, I feel for the first time in a long time that we are united and the whole world as EO like there would be a disconnect like this chapter versus that chapter or whatever. But what I feel with our new president and CEO, is I feel that we’re all coming together with the same purpose. And the truth is we’re all the same people, we all think alike. It’s crazy. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, it doesn’t matter where you come from. We have the same challenges, the same opportunities, the same risk takers, we like to have fun. We have so much in common there’s so much that we have in common so my takeaway is really that I feel united as one and I do feel you know, the message of this of this conference is to be unleashed. Yeah, I do feel on leash, I feel unleashed to keep talking to you and and that and to go back home and you know why to fire up everybody’s butt.

John Corcoran 8:25

Well, George has been great. Where can everyone go to learn more about you or connect with you and your company? 

George Uribe 8:30

Yeah, so they could go to And again, all I do is put people on TV show so I can help people get on TV or I can help television programs find guests or podcast people get guests for their podcasts.

John Corcoran 8:40

Excellent. John Corcoran broadcasting live from the Global Leadership Conference.

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