[Podcast Series] Dr. Jeremy Weisz | [Start a Podcast Series] Do Downloads Matter? Why Your Most Important Metric Is Not Subscribers

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25 Media, a company that helps B2B business owners connect with their ideal prospects, referral partners, and strategic partners through a done-for-you podcast service. Dr. Weisz has also been running his own podcast, Inspired Insider, since 2011. He has featured top entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of companies such as P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more through video interviews on his podcast.

In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran is joined by his Rise25 Media co-founder, Dr. Jeremy Weisz, to explain whether or not a podcast’s download numbers matter. They also talk about how a podcast can help with solving business and personal problems, how to get amazing guests for a podcast, and how SEMrush can help podcasters with getting website traffic data.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Do download numbers for a podcast matter?
  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz’s advice to new podcasters about comparing themselves or potentially to compete with famous podcasters
  • How a podcast can help solve certain business and personal development issues
  • How a podcaster can get their dream guests and childhood heroes on their show
  • The truth about Apple podcast download numbers
  • John’s advice on how to get great guests for your show
  • How SEMrush helps with getting website data, traffic, and analytics
  • John Corcoran and Dr. Jeremy Weisz share their favorite movie lines and quotes

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Today’s episode is sponsored by Rise25 Media, where our mission is to connect you with your best referral partners, clients, and strategic partners. We do this through our done for you business podcast solution and content marketing. 

Along with my business partner Dr. Jeremy Weisz, we have over 18 years of experience with B2B podcasting, which is one of the best things you can do for your business and you personally. 

If you do it right, a podcast is like a “Swiss Army Knife” – it is a tool that accomplishes many things at once. It can and will lead to great ROI, great clients, referrals, strategic partnerships, and more. It is networking and business development; and it is personal and professional development which doubles as content marketing

A podcast is the highest and best use of your time and will save you time by connecting you to higher caliber people to uplevel your network. 

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:14  

Welcome to the Revolution, the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, where we ask today’s most successful entrepreneurs to share the tools and strategies they use to build relationships and connections to grow their revenue. Now, your host for the revolution, John Corcoran.

John Corcoran  0:40  

All right. Hey, welcome, everyone. John Corcoran, here I am the host of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast where I talk with CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, authors, all kinds of interesting folks from companies and organizations like YPO, EO, Activision Blizzard, Lending Tree, Open Table, x-software, and many more. I’m also the co-founder with this gentleman here, who’s on the right of me, depending on how you’re looking at this. He’s the co-founder of Rise25 with me, where we help connect b2b business owners to their ideal prospects. And I’m excited today because we’re going to do another live episode here, where my guest is Dr. Jeremy Weisz, my business partner since 2015. He has been featuring top entrepreneurs with video interviews since the year 2010, and he has featured the founders or CEOs of P90x, Atari, ice and bagels going to the Orlando Magic and many more all at Inspired Insider, you can check out inspiredinsider.com. He also has run and operated multiple different businesses, including e-commerce businesses, online directories, a chiropractic massage facility in Chicago. And a fun fact about Jeremy, he wears basketball shorts under literally anything. And if you ask him why, the reason is because he wants to be prepared to get the basketball game breaks. So before we get into that first

Jeremy Weisz  2:05  

I’ve been at dinners and they’re like, pull your pants down. I’m like, What do you mean? And they’re like, let me I didn’t know what they’re referring to. Let me see if it’s true. I’m like, all right. Like rooms of masterminds. Like, there could be 30 people. Brian Kershaw’s Brian Kurtz, he’ll be like, in front of them. Like there was a table of maybe 30 entrepreneurs. He’s showing us. I’m like, really right now. It was like a nice restaurant. I’m like, okay, like, you’re right, you’re not lying. 

John Corcoran  2:35  

So anyway, to keep it classy. Yeah, so before we get into that this episode is brought to you by Rise25, which helps b2b businesses to get clients referrals and strategic partnerships with w podcasts and content marketing. If you’re listening to this, you’ve ever thought, hey, should I start a podcast that sounds like the hip thing to do? Well, guess what, it still is getting hotter than not hotter and ever. And what we do is we specialize in helping b2b businesses who have a high client lifetime value, to get ROI with the podcast. So if you want to learn more about that, and get some inspiration, ideas about how to get clients, referrals, and some of the best friendships of your life from a podcast, go to rise25media.com, or you can also email [email protected]. Alright, so Jeremy, the subject matter of this quick interview is do downloads matter, especially in today’s day and age, do downloads matter? Take it over my friend. Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz  3:25  

it is the hip thing to do. Um, you know, I want to say yes, they matter a lot, if you don’t want to focus 100% on the best, most efficient ROI. But um, you know, we get that question a lot, it’s the most common question we get. How do we get downloads and subscribers and, and here’s the thing that will come that will come later, it’s a secondary benefit, a tertiary benefit of what you do when, you know, ultimately, what we’re a big proponent of is really the strategy and focusing on who are the best people relationships in your universe that you want to give to write with, and we take people through a dream 100 process? What is the answer to that question, and it’s highly targeted on giving to your best relationships? That doesn’t mean, you know, down subscribers won’t be beneficial later on. But if you focus on your dream 10 5100 then those people in that industry will be interested in that topic. And so the downloads and subscribers will come from that as an as a tertiary benefit. Yeah. So, but that’s not the best thing we find is that it’s not easily replicable. Right. It’s not easily done. And focusing on the most important thing is the top level relationships in the industry.

John Corcoran  4:53  

Let me ask you a question in a different way. Because this is a lot of times, kind of the way that people get at it is so you There’s a lot of famous podcasters out there the mark Marin’s the world, the Joe Rogan’s of the world, and people are starting podcasts every day and they want to be Joe Rogan. They want to be at the top of the heap. What do you say to those people?

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