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Yeah, our clients it’s kind of in like I said, very industry agnostic. It’s more about the mindset and as you learn here in EO it’s about the mindset of business owners to do things differently because every industry can use kind of what we do you know, this one company was a small a smaller business size, you know, four or five employees. And a husband-wife team had taken a vacation in several years right they were doing a lot of the work themselves they do video shoots for weddings and special events and got their very first you know, VA was just kind of took the leap. So let me speak at an event kind of went down that path and the VA and getting our model it’s it’s not just doing one thing, bookkeeping or marketing. It’s really bringing something to the table. It’s a fast learner, a good communicator, and can take feedback because they had this woman. Start off doing it Um, client coordination, all the logistics of all their bookings and so forth. And she’s doing all this from the Philippines, right. And then she started taking over marketing, then she started taking bookkeeping. So she was wearing multiple hats and taken all this stuff off a load of this husband, wife, team and their few employees. And then they saw the value of it, then they added a second one. So our tagline is redefining how you scale and it really is teaching small to medium business owners how to plug these resources in, and it’s like a full-time staff in their organization. And that can change they grow. And the flip side of that our largest client has 85. Va is with us. In the loan documentation processing, we’re doing a bunch of kind of routine types of tasks, and then everything in between where people have one to one to five, so it’s quite a range.

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Yeah. Now we’re here at the Global Leadership Conference, how many of them have you been to before? And what brings you to come to GLC?

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So yes, it will be my 10th year and EO coming up and been a part of the Atlanta chapter served on the board and multiple layers was president during the COVID year, there’s a special place in heaven. For those of us that served as presidents during the COVID year, I learned so much and grew so much as a leader. And that kind of leads into and I’m actually a regional director now for the US East region, representing 22 chapters and 2000 members over 2023. Now, but point being is that I’ve grown when you’re a leader in your own organization, you got paycheck, control, Your Org Chart control, when your leader and EO which is a volunteer-based organization, you’re having to lead leaders who are volunteering their time, so it pushes your level of leadership game up to another tier. And so being a leader in the organization is going to take me through that. And then this conference, is one of the conferences all the years come from all over the world. And just absolute Class A content. As we all know, as entrepreneurs, we’ve got to unplug out of the insanity of the fire drills day to day, and sitting in that room and listening to speakers that are just high, highly innovative thinking makes you think about problems entirely differently than you would have otherwise. And then it’s being around the people here. I mean, this is the next level. I mean, only 4% of businesses do over a million dollars a year. That’s only 4%. Right. And so we’re here among the people that are the top-tier individuals. And you’re the average of the quote was, you’re the average of the five people that you’re around very much the case here. So we’re all high performing individuals. But being here, it just keeps my game at the right level, because I’m inspired by everybody around me.

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Well, I know you have to go off to another session. But where can people go to learn more about you and Outsource Access and contact you if they have questions?

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Yeah, sure, is pretty straightforward and go there got a video that we actually kind of go through our whole process and take you behind the scenes in the Philippines on how we operate and actually see we actually won the EEG best in business award a new award, they that they just released, really an outsourcing company to have one and we have a little bit about our story on that as well, because a very big about the impact and giving back and alignment the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. So and do a lot of speaking of spoken to 100 plus organizations, And we just launched you and I were talking about a program that is a platform and a service that helps drive connections within member-based organizations and conferences called One on one It’s kind of a software in a VA blended business store with a partner Jason road. So one on one and check that out.

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John Corcoran here with Brad Stevens of Outsource Access at the Global Leadership Conference. Thanks for watching.

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