073: Dave Stachowiak | How to Recover From a Bad First Impression & Make a Good First Impression

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Have you ever made a bad first impression?

Of course you have. We all have.

But when you do make a bad first impression, many people struggle to figure out what to do next. Should you apologize? Should you keep quiet? Should you send flowers or a box of chocolates?

Maybe you should send over a bouquet of two dozen red roses, a case of nice wine, and a gift certificate for a facial* (*major bad first impressions only).

In this episode, I bring back my friend Dr. Dave Stachowiak, host of the Coaching for Leaders podcast, who I have done joint episodes with previously.? We talk about what to do when you make a bad first impression.

In addition to hosting his own podcast, Dave is a Senior Vice President for Dale Carnegie International of Southern California, where he helps to train professionals on social skills in the world of business.? So he’s the perfect guy to talk to about this topic.



Transcript of Interview:

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