Anthony Constantino | How a Humble CEO Founded the World’s Fastest Growing Online Sticker Company, Sticker Mule

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Anthony Constantino is the co-founder of Sticker Mule; one of the most popular custom sticker websites with over 100 employees world-wide and printing operations in the United States and Europe.

In an effort to remain humble, Anthony has a made a point to limit his media appearances, but he’s given me the rare chance to go behind the scenes of his successful manufacturing business.

In this episode, we also talk about:

  • Why Anthony’s Kept a Relatively Low Media Profile
  • How the Idea for Sticker Mule Came About
  • Sticker Mule’s Strategies for Getting Clients in the Early Days of the Business
  • What Anthony Didn’t Like About Zappos’ Business Model
  • Why Anthony and His Co-founder Never Sought Outside Investors
  • The Reason Anthony’s Avoided Join Peer Organizations and Groups Over the Years
  • Anthony’s Thoughts on Manufacturing in New York
  • Why Anthony Cooked Free Burgers for His Entire Town
  • Why Anthony’s Doesn’t Give Bonuses to His Employees and the Reason it Hasn’t Impacted Employee Job Satisfaction
  • Who Anthony Thanks for His Success

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