Adrienne Richardson | How to Be a Powerplayer in Business and Life

Adrienne Richardson is a paid traffic specialist and a business growth strategist. She is also the Founder of Powerplay Media, where she helps coaches, consultants, and other online service-based business owners get more leads and clients through high-converting Facebook ads.

Adrienne also hosts her own podcast, Powerplayers in Business and Life, where she shares stories of success from top business leaders as well as those who have risen above personal challenges and found success and meaning in their lives.


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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn:

  • The two main things causing the costs of paid traffic on Facebook to go down
  • Why businesses that turned off their Facebook Ads are more likely to be forgotten and be out of mind for many people
  • How businesses on Facebook who are doing paid traffic can be successful
  • The importance of language and imagery in Facebook Ads
  • Reasons why businesses need to be more flexible in their offers and in payment plans

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  00:40

Okay, Hey, welcome everyone. JOHN Corcoran. Here. I’m the host of the smart business revolution podcast where I talk with CEOs founders and entrepreneurs of companies and organizations like YPO eo activation Blizzard, lemon tree Open Table x offer many more. I’m also the co-founder of rice defy where we help connect b2b business owners to their ideal prospects. referral partners. And I’m very excited today because my guest is our friend Adrian Richardson. She’s a paid traffic expert and business strategist. He’s also the founder of Power Play Media. And the host of the power plays players in business and life podcast, which we’ve been so fortunate to be able to help her with. And she’s just a tremendous job done a tremendous job on that. Before we get into this interview, this episode is brought to you by rice fortified media, which I co-founded with my business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weiss. And our mission is to connect you to your best referral partners and customers. And we do that through our Dunfield podcast and content marketing solution.

And I firmly believe, you know, you want a smart you want to talk to smart people, you want to be able to pick their brain and hear what they’re thinking especially in this fast-moving economic environment. You need to have a podcast because it gives you the opportunity to talk to smart people and to share their wisdom with the world which is just a wonderful treat for someone like me, so go to rise25 meeting and you can learn more about that. So Adrian, what I’m doing And no, in this quick live that we’re going to do here is, you know, things are changing really rapidly, you know, this is end of March 2020. And I want to know about the face of marketing, but particularly prey traffic, what I’m hearing is that costs are going to go down. And it’s really a great opportunity for businesses to pour some money into marketing. So tell me about what you’re seeing on the ground with paid traffic.


Adrienne Richardson  02:26

Yeah, thank you, John, so much for having me on. This is a topic that everybody’s been reaching out to me and asking about. And there’s two things that are happening right now that are causing costs to go down on Facebook. And number one that is scared people are turning off their ads. So they are saying I don’t want to spend any money. I’m going to cut my expenses. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t even know what to do. And so there’s some scared people that are turning their ads off and that’s causing there to be more inventory than there usually is. And we all know that when demand goes down. Right costs go down. So the other thing that’s causing the cost to go down is that everybody and their mother is on Facebook right now. The whole world is on Facebook right now because that’s



the traffic is up. Wow, okay, yeah, they’re,


Adrienne Richardson  03:14

they’re connecting with each other. Facebook has the world’s attention, because that’s where everybody is connecting with their friends and family. That’s how they’re, you know, helping to not feel like they’re so isolated and alone. And it’s replacing that you know, what they’re used to see, you know, connecting with people at work or wherever. And they’re using Facebook for that. And so because everybody’s attention is there and all the eyeballs are there, you got a lot more people clicking. And the more people who click on your ads, the more your cost goes down. So cost is going down because scared people have left and turn off their ads. So it’s not as competitive right now. And the second thing is because everybody’s attention is there and more people are paying attention and more people are clicking on ads, and the more people who click on your ads, your costs go down. So those are the three


John Corcoran  03:57

things that are causing costs to really come down to On Facebook, interesting. And now one of the arguments for staying the course and continuing to, you know, do paid traffic and, and, you know, do marketing that I’ve heard and I imagine you subscribed to this is is, you know, we’re gonna come out of this sooner or later right after 911 people thought, oh man, you know, there’s a period of time where you’re thinking seems like we’re never going to come out of it. Well, we did. And lots of amazing companies emerged after 911, same thing 2008 eventually we came out of it, same thing is gonna happen here, we’re gonna come out of it. And there’s gonna be a real divide between companies that, as you said, got scared, and just went completely veered off course. And then they’re going to get further and further behind where there’s their competitors, stayed the course remain disciplined, and continue to invest in the business. So talk a little bit about the importance of that philosophy.


Adrienne Richardson  04:48

Yeah, well, I think that, you know, listen, it’s totally normal to get scared. Nobody who’s alive right now has ever been through anything like we’ve been through right now. And so there’s no shame or anything and being fearful and being afraid, as long as long as you don’t live there, right? Like we all visit there, but then it’s like, okay, and the businesses who are staying in the game, they’re staying visible, right? They’re staying in front of people. And so when you turn off your ads, and you kind of disappear and go into a little, a little cocoon and just say, Well, I’m just gonna ride this thing out, I’ll wait for it to pass over. It’s very easy for people to forget about you, you know. And while we all want to think that we’re unforgettable, you will no longer be top of mind, especially if people in your space your other competitors are staying Top of Mind and staying in front of people staying connected, being supportive, people are going to remember them and they’re going to want to stay connected to them and do business with them. And those that are kind of just disappearing, it’s going to be easy to forget them, unfortunately.


John Corcoran  05:46

Hmm. And what are companies that are continuing to do paid traffic on Facebook? What are they doing right now that’s working are that successful? What tips do you have for them?


Adrienne Richardson  05:58

Yeah, so there’s A couple things that you could do right now. And the very best thing you could do out of anything I could tell you to do with your ad copy is to join the conversation. So people who are leaving their ad copy as it was, let’s say you have ads that you’ve been running for a while and they work really well. Well, if you don’t adjust your ad copy to acknowledge what’s going on in the world, you don’t join the conversation. You’re kind of going to appear tone deaf, and like you’re not really paying attention or that you don’t even care what’s going on in the world.



So I feel



weak, and It baffles you. You look at it, you’re like this, like, they need to turn this thing off. It’s completely off. Yeah,


Adrienne Richardson  06:37

yeah. And even your images, you know, are your images kind of promoting something that people can’t do right now? Are you encouraging people to go and hang out with friends and they can’t do that right now?


John Corcoran  06:46

They’re clinking champagne glass, right?


Adrienne Richardson  06:49

Yeah, yeah. So those people who are joining the conversation, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have Sara Lee have to even mention Coronavirus or mentioned COVID-19. And I actually don’t even think you To mention it, but you’re acknowledging, this is what I tell my clients to do. You’re acknowledging the way that this pandemic, this crisis is affecting the problem that you solve. So let’s say that I’m a marriage counselor, and I help people save their marriages, your ad copies should change to acknowledge how is this current situation affecting marriage? Or let’s say that you are a tutor, you know, like, again, change your ad copy to acknowledge how is this affecting students and their learning? So think about your expertise, the problem you solve for people? How is this showing up in their life in relation to that problem, and you need to adjust your ad copy to reflect that conversation they’re having in their head and the things that they’re worried about.


John Corcoran  07:45

And then I guess the question is, how often do you change that language? Because it depends on how bad it gets if it gets worse, you know, as the narrative you kind of have to be aware of what the general conversation is. What is happening are people what people are talking about?


Adrienne Richardson  08:03

Yeah, a perfect example of this is when this started to happen, ads actually got a little worse. Like went before. There was a moment in time when ads were getting more expensive for a moment when everybody was talking about all of this, and they were going crazy. And they weren’t clicking on ads. They were ignoring ads, because there was like this frenzy of when everything kind of hit the fan all at once. It was around like March 14 ish. All my clients March 14, you can look at the spreadsheet and ads tanked. And so the first video or announcement that I did, telling people how to fix this problem was I was saying ads have tanked. They’ve completely gone down. Well, within a matter of a week or 10 days, the game changed and actually costs were getting much lower. And I started to get the hate comments on my ads of like, What are you talking about? You don’t know you’re talking about ads are cheap right now. And I was like, I gotta change the message here, right? Because that’s not the case anymore, even though the ad was doing really well. Now that it’s not higher cost anymore. It’s lower. So you do need to be nimble and probably be changing your message. More often to reflect again what is going on right now that’s in how are people thinking about it and feeling about it. Interesting. I know you’re incredibly busy. So thank you for carving out the time Adrian to talk to us about how things are changing. This is fascinating. What other considerations before we let you go? What are the considerations or thoughts you have or insights do you have? As far as this topic goes, before we wrap things up? Yeah, well, I touched a little bit on the imagery in your ads, just again, look at the imagery in your ads, make sure that you’re not showing pictures of things that people can’t participate in right now or that would be insensitive to the way people are feeling right now. And then the other thing that a conversation I’ve been having with a lot of my clients is around their offers. I am from the high ticket world, I’m used to selling high ticket products, almost all of my clients sell a high ticket product or service. And a lot of them are starting to get concerned and saying like, Are people really still going to invest and spend money right now and for my clients that made a slight pivot and just became a little bit more flexible either in their payment plans. Like they didn’t necessarily lower their price, but they’re getting more flexible in their payment plans, or they’re adding other additional support that they can give to people right now during this time. And so my clients who’ve been able to get a little bit creative and kind of pivot and adjust their offers a little bit to meet people where they’re at, are having a huge amount of success right now where their business is still strong. And they’re, you know, they’re not hurting financially. And so that would be my other just word of advice is look at the offers that you have, is there a way you can adjust them or add more support to people or be a little bit more flexible in your payment plan? I’m not saying that you need to take a two payment plan to a 12 payment plan or something. I’m not saying that. But I’m just saying like, Is there a way that you can be a little bit more flexible because people are still spending money, but because they don’t know how long this is going to last? They’re kind of like they’re willing to spend but then at the same time, they’re like not going all-in on like maybe a full pay and some people are still doing that. But I think if you can meet people where they’re at and just give them a little bit more flexible They’re that’s working for a lot of my clients that are selling high ticket.


John Corcoran  11:03

I feel like we need to have you back in about a week or two, or three and then and then a week after that, and then probably a week after the weekly update. Right, because this is obviously going to change. But um, Adrian, thank you so much. I know you have to go remind everyone or tell everyone where they can learn more about you.


Adrienne Richardson  11:20

Yeah, so you could just go to we are I actually have a new website launching next week. I’m totally rebranding. So I’m excited about that. But that’s the easiest way, just go to my website, and it’ll tell you how to get in touch with me.


John Corcoran  11:32

And you’ve had some amazing guests on your podcast so far. So whatever podcasting app use to listen to, what are some of the guests you’ve had? You want to share some of those?


Adrienne Richardson  11:40

Yeah, so you guys have been amazing. JOHN and Jeremy produce my podcast and it’s just been absolutely wonderful. I would not be doing a podcast if it weren’t for you, because it’s just too much work and you do all the work for me. But I’ve had john assaraf and Kendall summer Hawk, Emily Williams, Monica Shah. Oh my goodness. There’s so many great people. that have been on there. And I actually have an episode coming out on Monday, where we’re going to be talking about how you can provide your customers with extra support right now during this time and creative ways you can do that. So you should definitely check that out. I’m interviewing Lydia on Monday, we’ll be talking about that.


John Corcoran  12:16

Excellent. Great. All right. So go check that out. Adriana. let you go. Thanks, everyone. Take care be well be safe. Be healthy, everyone. Okay.