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what I’m gonna How am I gonna do a part? This part is so complicated. How can I do it? How can I do this? How can I? That’s right. No, no, no, no. That’s not enough. This is a good idea. I think I should like, learn more about that. Right? Yeah, maybe I haven’t my details here a little bit confused. But maybe I met Jeremy just after that. But anyway, I remember very vividly, it was spring, taking a walk thinking about it. And then a few days later, I reached out to Jeremy and said, You know what, Jeremy, let’s, let’s take a look at that blueprint that you offer, like, which is basically helping me identify my ideal client, my ideal listeners, and who should I reach out to? And how do I do that? So then I reached out to Jeremy and we scheduled our first call. And, you know, meeting first I met Jeremy and then I met you. So I’m going to talk about both of you together. I mean, you know, you’ve been so instrumental in directing me and giving me a very easy process to follow, and show me how simple it is to actually have your own podcast. And that is where I realized that it’s not that hard. All I need to do is just talk to people, which I love talking to people and hit record and send you the link, and then you do everything else. So for me, that was such a relief, because you know, where am I gonna find the people? How am I gonna produce it? How’s it gonna go out there? You know, I didn’t have a clue. And I didn’t want to learn about it. Yes. Can I probably yes. But yeah, I’m a big believer a delegation and letting people wear their hats and what they are good at, and help me achieve my own goals. Right. So that’s, that’s how it started.

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Now, before you even launch the podcast, one objection that we hear a lot is people saying, well, I can’t get people to be a guest on my show until I have a track record. Or I can prove that I have a certain number of downloads or something like that. How did you? How do you think about that now having having launched and everything?

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Yeah, I mean, you know, the first the first doubts that I had was, how am I going to find guests? And how we’re gonna get guests to agree to be on my podcast? And, you know, and isn’t gonna be successful? Right? What I’m going to ask them, I mean, me, you know, so then I, you know, with the help of Jeremy, you know, he came up, the thing is that when you do the blueprint, you have a plan on what to do. And you also then get a support from your staff, like I was working with Joanna, that am I pronouncing her name correctly? Yeah, Johanna. Johanna. That’s right. So I was working with Johanna, who basically was a coach that she helped me figure out, yeah, like, who are going to be the guests. So you don’t just let me go by myself, you know, you really have accountability sessions at the beginning to make sure that they can find the people to interview. But to that objection, I mean, it’s really it’s like anything else, when you start something, you have your doubts, you have your reservations are how am I going to do that. But if you join something, or you do something that is already successful, then you really have to trust the process. And make it know that if others can do it, you can do it as well, right? So long as you know how to talk. So long as you have some kind of a network, right? You’re not just living in a secluded life with not knowing given one person, you will find who to interview, you know, you always will find that person because I already had a network. And it was very easy. So I basically asked my friends, you know, basically my best referral partners over best center of influence, you know, to be a guest on my podcast,

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and how did you address it if if you hadn’t launched yet, or even in the early days after you had launched it?

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Nobody ever asked me it never came up. Never never came up. It’s it’s you know, it’s like anything else like what happened when you open when you first start your business? Are you going to say something? Can you be my customer, you’re going to be the first one you just like have to go there with certainty and say, Hey, would you like to be a guest on my podcast? You don’t have to give an history of harmony So then how many downloads and how many days? And how many that and it’s like what you are giving to that person. That’s what’s important, right? You’re giving them publicity, you’re giving them exposure, you’re giving them an ability to shine and show what they do. Now, you know, I didn’t start from nothing, you know, I had, I have followers on social media, I have a marketing person that, you know, I have a blog, I have a newsletter. So it’s went on the newsletter, it went on all my social media, but the majority of Intrapreneurs, you know, they don’t start from nothing. I mean, we all have some kind of a presence, right. And, I mean, and talk

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a little bit about how it’s helped with content creation, because you know, a lot of our clients are kind of kicking themselves, because they’re, they know, they should be creating content, but they’re not. And then once they start doing the podcasts, then it becomes an easier way of actually generating content on a regular basis, which, of course, Google loves, and it’s, you know, makes you top of mind gives you content to put on a newsletter and on social channels. So talk a little bit about that.

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Sure. So you know, my podcast is the System Simplified Podcast. So we’re talking about systems. So every guest that they have, you know, no matter what, like, recently, I had a fashion designer that now she’s a stylist, and help people dress and find their style, etc. We talked about the process of getting ready for a business trip in terms of your wardrobe, or a process of how to choose your image in order to choose the word drop, so it can help your image. So that gave me a content to write a blog about that process, right. Another example, I interviewed the CEO of Ruby, receptionist, Kate Winkler, she was amazing. And I didn’t plan that conversation. But that conversation was taught it was completely about how to manage a remote team because all of her team is remote. And she gave such great content and such amazing insights about how to manage successfully the team, how to successfully manage a remote team, that then I was able to write a blog based on that conversation, right? Instead of me sitting there and trying to figure out, you know, what are the best words to use to explain how to run a team remotely, I was having I was all I needed to do is basically take that interview and write a process. I had another guest, Kirsten Meneghello, and she talked about the Eisenhower matrix is an example. Great, she’s a great executive coach, very eloquent, it was a great interview, I was able to write a blog based on that, right. I can give you examples after examples of people that I interview. And because I asked the questions that direct them to talk about processes and procedures, everything that we talked about, I can write in a blog about it. And not only that, I also do thought leadership episodes. So I have Jeremy or you interview me about what I do about my process about my business about, you know, case studies, whatever it is, and that’s content by itself that is so valuable. As an example, we just recorded an episode that talks about my proven process. So now, when I’m talking to a prospective client, I send them that episode. So instead of me explaining over and over what my proven process is, I can basically send them my proven process, which is that episode, and instead of preparing and having to, you know, make the perfect video. Yes, you know, I’m a perfectionist. Would I love a perfect video? Absolutely. You know, with the right lights, and we’re right studio isn’t going to happen now. So it’s better to have I learned that it’s better to have something than nothing. And it’s a very high quality something right? Yeah. But it’s something I can start using right away. And that is something I really appreciate about you and Jeremy’s that you just pushed me to do things without having to wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself that will never present itself. Right.

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Right. Right. Just get it done. And how has it been for getting more clients, either from the guests or guests who refer you others who then become clients?

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It’s been great. I mean, since my first, my first podcast, tell your story, how the first podcast, it’s, it is the system that you talk about. And it totally works because I went to my network, my closest friends, my closest referral partners, and I asked one of them, I asked, I told her what I’m doing. And I said, you know, she was at a time a rep of a business magazine. And I told her what I was doing and I said, I would love to interview business owners that have systems that are very well organized that can share their experience. And she connected me to the marketing director of a company that have amazing business, amazing culture and amazing systems. And she was actually my first guest. And we hit it off really well. And it was fantastic. And then she had a project a few months later, she had a project and she brought me on, right? So that’s an example because you connect with people. I have numerous examples of guests that go, Wait a second, what do you do tell me more about what you do, I want to learn more, that either became clients themselves, or connected me with somebody that then became a client. There are so many opportunities, you know, if you’re know how to network, which is basically give value to others and connect others. So I got that for myself. But I also connected my guests with others that can help them right. So it’s like basically creating that networking activity without having to belong to a specific networking group, because you are, networking is all about connecting is all about connecting about knowing people about having resources. And I love to have resources for my clients. So I can recommend them. I can recommend professionals to them, I can be a risk better service than by finding them resources.

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How does the podcasts now save you time or save energy? or money or any combination of

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those? Well, it it really allowed me to expand my business to the right target market. You know, before I was more based in the Pacific Northwest, and then I had some national clients. But now because of my podcast, I’m able to go into markets all over the US and actually internationally. I have clients in Australia and I have clients in, in the UK, and even in Vietnam, I had a client and it really allows me to expand my reach and be able to service people all over the world. So it’s basically recognition. Yeah,

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yeah. And what is the is there any one thing that’s been the biggest game changer for you have any one thing you know that that you can kind of point to that we haven’t mentioned so far?

Adi Klevit 22:13

I think that it is the repetition, the ability to put content out in a very easy way. That was a game changer. It’s increasing my being out there on LinkedIn, on other social media platforms on creating content that then can be repurposed. But it’s also creating those invaluable connections or reaching out to people that before I wouldn’t reach out, but now I can help them so I can reach out to them and say, Hey, would you like to be a guest on my podcast? Or getting connected to people? Like, let’s say, you know, Bob Burg, the author of Go-Giver.

John Corcoran 22:54

Go-Giver, you know, yeah.

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It’s a great book, and I listen to the book and I on Audible, and then I go, Oh, I want to interview that person. You know, I want to interview that author, I so connect to it. And then I connected to him. And of course, him just like in the book is so nice. So giving that of course, no problem. Yeah, I’ll be a guest on your podcast. And then another person I know that I was just talking to today, I want to interview Bob Burg as well. So I’m gonna make that connection, you know, so you just create those connections all over that really benefit everyone.

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That’s great. as we wind down here, what would be the next step or next advice you’d give to someone listening to this? Who’s been maybe noodling around thinking about the idea of doing a podcast for a while? What would you say to them?

Adi Klevit 23:39

Yeah, so first of all, don’t think just do it? You know, there is no way to know like, you know, jump into the pool. Otherwise, you don’t know if it’s working or not. Don’t overthink it, that will be my advice, number one. Number two, is I am a true believer of you have to work the system. If there is a system, you will have to utilize it. Yes, you can sign up with Rise25. And nothing will happen. And why will nothing happen is because you’re not going to do anything. If you don’t record episodes, it’s not going to happen. But if you’re willing to engage in any No, John, this is actually somebody interviewed me, I was on somebody else’s podcast that was a guest on my podcast. And they asked me, you know, do you take everybody? Everyone is a client? I said, No, you know, I really, first of all, I have to qualify, you know, why do you want to do that? Why do you want to document your processes and procedures? How are you going to utilize it? And I almost have them convinced me like how they’re going to use it, right? So you have to have your why of why you want to have a podcast, you have to have a goal in mind. Do you want to do it in order to meet people? Do you want to do it because it sounds cool. You know, you have your own podcast? Is it because you want to be a thought leader in the industry? And that is all things that both you and Jeremy will help them define during the Blueprint Session. But my advice is commit To the process, don’t find it. Go with it. You know, both John and Jeremy know exactly what they’re doing. And they have a proven process that if you follow it, you are going to get results. You know, they will help you define who are your best guests, they will even give you a script on how to talk to them, they will have, they will basically tell you, like coach you how to approach it and how to do the interview. And the other advice I would give is follow the process for follow up. Because that is how you’re going to get results. So you follow the process after you have that you’ve done your podcast interview, then mentioned the people, you know, I’m going to give here an acknowledgement to Mitchell Levy that he used the term credibility dust, so you put the credit, you spread the credibility, that’s right, you go, Okay, I mentioned such and such on the podcast. And so you write him an email, say I just mentioned you on a podcast, here you go. Go ahead and send it out, you know, on your social media. So you have to do all the follow up actions. And that will assure your success, you know, you just have to follow the process. And again, this is why I love working with you guys and Rise25 is because you don’t you take the guesswork out of it. The guessing out of it, how to create a successful podcast you give the process, you give the step by step, you provide accountability. All you need to do is record your podcast, click Record, talk to your guest. Upload the episode, the recording, and then everything has been taken care of.

John Corcoran 26:43

Adi you’ve been so generous, I really appreciate it. We love working with you. You deserve heaps of credit for how much follow through you’ve done actually following through with the process. No surprise, they’re given what you do. But it’s been such a pleasure working with you. So thank you for taking the time. For those who maybe need some SOPs need some some processes and their their business. Where can they go to learn about you and also check out your podcast?

Adi Klevit 27:10

Yeah, so the podcast is the Systems Simplified Podcast which you can find on any platform. And if they want to connect with me, I think the best thing is LinkedIn. It’s Adi Klevit. So it’s Adi Klevit, and there is also my website, which is So you have options.

John Corcoran 27:31

Excellent. Thanks, Adi.

Adi Klevit 27:32

Thank you, John.

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