096: Ann Rea | From Cubicle Grind to Thriving Artist

We’ve all heard of the starving artist.

Well, Ann Rea is on a mission to abolish starving artists.

She wants to help artists and creatives of all stripes to NOT starve.

She is an artist who knows how to sell art.

But she didn’t always.

In fact, for many years she struggled she even gave up her dream of being a working artist, during a very dark period of her life when she was working in a cubicle in a corporate job

Then she decided to break out of that rut and she was able to kickstart a thriving new career as an artist and she did it with you guessed it one relationship a very influential and successful working artist who Ann reached out to, connected with, and who became her mentor.

She’ll share that story in this episode.

We’ve got a lot of gems in this one about the mindset behind being someone who creates art whatever kind of art you may create without selling out and how to make a good living doing it.


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