038: Derek Halpern of Social Triggers | How to Increase Conversions and Sales

Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern is a blunt, straight-talking New Yorker who tells it like it is. While still in college, he decided to start a celebrity gossip website, but in typical Halpern fashion, he did not do any part of the project half-way. He did a thorough analysis of the market and found a way to stand out in an already crowded niche. As a result, he created a phenomenally successful site which at one point attracted over 1 million visitors in one 24-hour period. Today, he is most well known as the founder of Social Triggers, a marketing blog where he demonstrates how to use psychology to convert casual browsers of a website or blog into customers and subscribers.

In this episode, Derek shares a few of the secrets to his success and some practical, actionable ways you can convert more visitors to your website or blog into raving fans, subscribers and buyers. This episode will be of most value to entrepreneurs and small business owners who have a website or blog they want to attract more clients or customers to visit — which, after all, is most people today. Enjoy!

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