037: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire | How to Start a Podcast

John Lee Dumas

A little over a year ago, John Lee Dumas was an unknown podcaster, hustling to get good guests for his new podcast. He barely even knew how to start a podcast, much less run a good one. Today, he has a thriving business based off that same podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, and he’s interviewed an incredible array of guests, from Tim Ferriss to Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran to Seth Godin. He even interviewed my own client, Carl Mattiola, who started a software business on the side that allowed him to quit his job at Tesla within 6 months. Check out that interview.

John has learned so much, in fact, that he recently launched a new podcaster’s training program called Podcaster’s Paradise, which walks budding podcasters through how to start a podcast, including everything from what equipment to buy to getting good guests. I know some people who are members of Podcaster’s Paradise and they have said good things about the community. So if you are curious about how to start a podcast, I’d recommend you check it out. (Note: that link is not an affiliate link – I’m just recommending based on others’ recommendations and because I’ve met John and he’s a good guy.) Personally, I can say that launching my own podcast was a huge undertaking with a lot of technical hurdles to overcome. So I recommend having a community who can help you through the process. John has some great, practical advice in this interview about entrepreneurship in general, including some tips on how to be productive (spoiler alert: it involves getting up really early). Enjoy!  

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