032: Sean Malarkey | How to Create a 7-Figure Business Selling Information Online

Sean Malarkey

Five years ago, Sean Malarkey was working in real estate in Columbus, Ohio. Today, he presides over a 7-figure online marketing training company and spends his days playing with his kids, surfing, and hanging out around Santa Barbara, California. Not a bad life, eh?

In-between was a lot of hard work, some ups and some downs, and a lot of success. In this interview, Sean shares it all: what he learned from surviving the real estate market meltdown (including how he saw the handwriting on the wall), the “lightbulb moment” of discovering Twitter, and why he believes in pricing his company’s products much lower than their competition.

Sean is currently the President of Inspired Marketing, a company he started with former professional athlete and LinkedIn guru Lewis Howes. Together, they provide online trainings for small business owners and professionals on how to use various social media tools. Sean is also the host of a relatively new podcast, The Money Pillow, which you can check out on iTunes. Enjoy!  

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