012: Dorie Clark | How to Reinvent Yourself + Book Giveaway

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurDorie Clark knows how to reinvent yourself. As a former journalist turned presidential campaign spokesperson — turned branding consultant — she has reinvented herself many different times throughout her career.

Now, Clark is the author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013 — affiliate link), which lays out a specific guidebook for how to move smoothly from one career to the next, no matter how remote the connection between positions or industries.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dorie to discuss her advice in the book, and how she recommends you go about setting your sights on a new career or industry, the specific steps to get there, and how you can accelerate your career in the process.

Although the tips in the book are aimed at the professional white collar worker, I thought her advice was applicable to the self-employed worker or entrepreneur as well. I know she had some specific concrete tips I’m already working on implementing.

Dorie Clark, Reinventing You, Forbes Writer, Harvard Business ReviewIn this interview, we discuss:

  • how to research your future career
  • how to turn people you do informational interviews with into lifelong colleagues and friends
  • how to “test drive” future careers or industries
  • what steps you can be taking NOW to control your career, whether you are an entrepreneur, executive or employee.
  • how to organize a “focus group” with your friends and colleagues where the focus is on you and your career
  • how to create content which allows you to take control of your personal brand



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  • Fran P. Ivey

    I’d love to win a copy of Reinventing You. I’m always struggling with promoting myself – I really don’t like to do it. And I’m kind of an introvert so I don’t like going out to new events and meeting people. Sounds like I could use the advice.

  • browns2112

    I’d love to win a copy of Dorie’s new book. I enjoy her articles on HBR. This was a great interview with her.

    • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

      I love her writing on HBR and Forbes as well. Good luck!

  • Bschoen

    I just don’t have the time to think these things through and am glad someone does who is clearly smart and articulate. A time saver for me and great tips. Thanks

    • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

      I’m glad Dorie took a fresh look at thinking through these issues as well. Thanks for entering.

  • JWR

    Very insightful information. Dorie Clark provides useful and actionable advice, and as someone who is considering a career move I plan to employ (no pun intended) her teachings in my search.

    • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

      First of all: no puns, big guy. Watch it.

      Second: Dorie’s book is awesome for career movers – it will get you thinking about the types of things you need to be doing right now, even before you start applying for jobs. Good luck!

  • Scott Lafranchi

    Another great podcast John. I especially enjoyed Dorie’s advice on self-promotion and branding. Thanks for sharing this!

    • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

      Thanks, Scott! Glad you liked it.

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