[Podcast Series] Dr. Jeremy Weisz | How to Launch A Podcast Successfully

Jeremy Weisz 10:03

No, I think kind of what you had said, going back to the outreach with the cover, you know, when you’re launching, you also involve people, right. And so especially if you have interview based content, giving, make it very easy for those people to share it to like it to comment on it in their email and social media. So don’t don’t do it alone, you know, have your network and the people who are either on or are helping you grow your reach as well.

John Corcoran 10:36

Yeah. And then, so you’ll want to share it on social channels when it goes live. So put it across all your different social channels, you want to email people to, you know, let them know that it’s going live, of course, if you don’t have an email list, you should put one together that you can use, you know, eventually you build a subscriber base across the different platforms, respective platforms. So that’s magnifying your impact. What are the thoughts as far as the the actual launch goes, Jerry?

Jeremy Weisz 11:07

I think, you know, that’s, that’s is just me creating a product that you’re proud of, that the person you’ve had on is proud of, because then people are more likely to share it. You know, and then after that, you know, we could talk about after that in a second, but it’s really a long term relationship, not like, okay, it’s out. That’s done. What’s next?


John Corcoran 11:29

Yeah, right, yeah, and have a system and a process so that you can continue to focus your energy on the highest best use your time. And here’s where I got bogged down for years, until you stepped in and helped me to revamp all my systems. But, you know, I just didn’t have very good system in place. And, you know, I had, I had other multiple different people that I brought on to help with different pieces, but I was the bottleneck in it. And it prevented me from really having the initiative be successful. And I went from putting out seven episodes one year before you helped me to 50 to one per week, the very next year, and it probably took me less time, because I had a system in place. So that’s the other thing is, once you launch, you really need to have a system in place, or else you will end up putting out seven episodes a year instead of 52. Or even more than that. And then I think the last piece we want to say is just the value really is in the longevity, you know, it’s Don’t worry too much about the actual launch itself, it’s important, but worry about keep on going keep you doing it for the long term, because that’s where you really reap the benefits. And that’s why we say have a system and a process in place. So that doesn’t bog you down and you can focus your time having great conversations.

Jeremy Weisz 12:39

Yeah, I mean, you know, as a business owner, or whatever job you have, in a specific business, we always tell people, you should be doing two things like doing what you need to do for the business, running the business, and building relationships. Right. And everything else should be off of your plate so you can focus on those pieces.

John Corcoran 13:00

Absolutely. Yeah. Well, if anyone has any questions about this, where can they contact you or I, Jeremy?

Jeremy Weisz 13:08

Yeah, you can go to rise25.com to learn more, if you have questions. There’s a contact page and email us directly through that. And we really focus on you know, what’s longevity? So, you know, how do you then turn your podcast so that you have these long term relationships with your guests and other people that are involved in listening to the show to make it go a lot further?

John Corcoran 13:33

Absolutely. All right. Thanks, everyone. Have a good one.

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