Crazy. Irish. Roadtrip.


Have you ever gone on a crazy road trip?

Like the kind in college where you hop in the car with friends and only come back when you’ve run out of money or gas or bail money or all of the above?

Back in the day, before I was an old Dad living with kids in the suburbs, you didn’t need to twist my arm to go on a roadtrip.

Like the time I went on a bachelor party to Whistler, Canada a few years back.

Because we were young and stupid, we decided to save $100 by flying from San Francisco to SEATTLE instead of Vancouver — for a weekend trip.

It turns out Seattle is nowhere near Whistler, so we had to rent a van for 10 of us and drive 8 hours north PAST VANCOUVER to get to Whistler.

Yeah, I know. To save $100.

Guys + bachelor party = stupid.

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How to “Scale Up” Your Relationships (in Changing Times)

2016-01-13 11.12.42

Do you ever wish you could make money while lying on the beach?

Sure… who hasn’t, right? That’s the dream.

Warm sand beneath you…

Wind in your hair…

Sound of the waves crashing against the beach…

Don’t worry – I’m the last guy to promise you can live the “laptop lifestyle,” turning your website into a cash machine without having to put in any effort.

And this blog isn’t just a cookie cutter site about how to start an online business and become a digital nomad. SBR is about building better relationships in business, which includes using digital tools to build more relationships at scale, faster.

But let me tell you a story about the blog post that scared the crap out of me.

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3 Books You Need to Read (Plus 1 Free Book)

Can you remember the last time you read a book that blew your mind?

I’m talking about a book that completely shifts your way of thinking.

I love that. Isn’t it incredible when one book can radically change your thoughts or beliefs?

That happened to me this year with a couple of books, and I wanted to share them with you (plus a free book you can grab below).

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

AbundanceFirst, there was Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think (referral link; non-referral link here) by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. If you haven’t read this book, you need to drop everything and rush out and get it.

In Abundance, Diamandis (who founded the XPrize and Silicon Valley’s Singularity University) and Kotler document how progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, digital manufacturing, synthetic biology, and other exponentially growing technologies are enabling us to make much greater gains in quality of life today than we have ever before in human history.

Their basic premise is while headlines in mainstream media tend to dwell on the negative, in fact trend lines across multiple areas have moved towards much better quality of life for huge portions of the planet.

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How to Create a $50K Retreat

Nail Art

Have you ever dreamed about throwing your own live event?

Do you like the idea of getting paid by people to attend an event that you organize (and maybe get paid to travel too)?

If so, listen up.

Just 18 months ago, the idea of having people pay me to attend an event I organized would have been crazy.

I had as much chance of filling my own retreat as I did getting chosen in the first round of the NFL draft.

Flash forward 18 months and I recently got back from Austin, Texas where I organized — along with my amazing co-founder Jeremy Weisz — a sold out (actually oversold) 2 ½ day retreat for entrepreneurs that brought in about $50K.

entrepreneur retreat

I’m still on a high from the event. We had people fly in from all over the U.S., two from Canada, and one attendee flew over all the way from China.

And best of all, we got incredible feedback from the attendees.

John Lombard, who came all the way over from China, said it was well worth the 50+ hours of travel (longer than the event itself).

Two attendees even said the event was better than their weddings.

(I won’t say which two; and I hope they didn’t tell their spouses when they got back home.)


But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In fact, at multiple points in the journey, I was ready to give up entirely.

So why did I go to all the trouble? Because I truly believe in a larger vision of bringing together other like-minded entrepreneurs who believe when they give, they are going to get.

And being the person who brings together other people face to face is one of the best ways to build relationships, grow your business and increase your revenues.

I want to show you that it is very possible to throw your own live events, and exactly how you can do it.

In this post, I want to share some of behind the scenes work that went into creating my first sold out two-day retreat and share specific tips for what you should do (and not do) if you like the idea of throwing your own retreat, event or mini-conference.

What Worked Well and What Didn’t Work Well

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5 Strategies for Maximizing Every Conference You Go To

Do you make the most of every conference you go to?

Or, are you basically throwing money out the window every time you go to a conference?

Think about it for a second.

You probably spend THOUSANDS of dollars any time you go off to a conference.

You have to pay for a flight, hotel, meals, Uber, those fancy new shoes, maybe a mani-pedi before you leave (you know who you are)…  and you have to take time away from family, friends, and other interests.

All so you can hang out with strangers.

So you probably want to maximize your investment, right?

Of course you do.

But you’re probably doing it wrong.

In fact, some people do conferences so wrong, they might as well put their money in a pile, douse it with kerosene, light a match and burn it.

Poof. Bye-bye, money!

So let’s try to put a stop to that, ‘mkay?

In this post, I want to share 5 strategies for maximizing the conferences you do attend to grow your network, connections, build business alliances, and create further opportunities for yourself and your business.

But first: what are the typical ways people screw up the conferences they attend?

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How I Quadrupled My Email List in 7 Months


Quick question – wanna get more leads and sales?

Sure you would …. just about everyone needs more of those, right?

But it’s not easy. If you’re a small business owner or service professional like most of my readers, then you have to find new leads, close them, and then actually do the work!

There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Well, it turns out there’s a much better way. It’s about shifting from a “one to one” model to a “one to many” model.

In this article, I want to share a new strategy I’ve used this year to quadruple my email list, build my reputation as an expert, forge relationships with tens of thousands of people at once, bring in hundreds of new customers and clients, and most importantly attract multiple six figures of revenue to my business.

I’ve never shared this material before, but it’s been such a game-changer for me that I had to share it.

Why You Don’t Have Enough Leads or Sales Now

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4 Tips for Sending Killer “Cold Emails”


How often do you get to host royalty as a guest post on your blog? Not often enough. This is a guest post by Wendy Weiss, aka “The Queen of Cold Calling.”  I met Wendy a few months ago and she has some great advice not just on how to be more effective when cold calling people, but also on how to send effective “cold email.”

Take it away, Wendy!


Here’s an email I received this week (typos and all):

“I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I tried your office this morning but unfortunately could not get a hold of you. I would like to meet with you next week to learn more about Weiss Communications and its overall operational structure. With the emergence of converged services, businesses are demanding greater performance from their networks than ever before. I would like to present a solution that will offer cost-effective security, any-to-any connectivity, quality of service, scalable bandwidth, and a platform for convergence that eliminates network redundancies and supports a fully meshed enterprise environment. XYZ Company can be your strategic partners as you work complete your vision. Our dedicated team of professionals, robust product portfolio, and unmatched commitment to delivering the highest possible level of service will make a key impact to your organization.

“I am seeking to build and maintain a long-standing relationship with your organization that enables me to help you work smarter and more efficiently. We are proud of our reputation as an industry leader in customer service and continually strive to lead the industry in key service areas like installation, repair, and client services. Over the past years, we have made significant investments into our network infrastructure and increased our local support teams. You will always have access to the people you need, when you need them.

“To that end, I would like to take a collaborative approach to understanding your business. Please let me know when you will be available for next week to further discuss strategies.

“I look forward to hearing from you.”


When I finished howling and cackling and calling all my colleagues to read this email to them, I sat down to write this article.

1. This prospector said he wants to “learn more about Weiss Communications and its overall operational structure.”

Why should I spend my valuable time educating someone—a total stranger–on my business? He should have the smarts and resourcefulness to do some investigating, learn about my business and then use what he has learned to catch my attention.

Lesson Learned: Do some research on your prospects before you call or email. This will enable you to speak directly to the concerns of your prospect and increase the chances that they would want to speak with you.

With all the information that is now so easily accessible and available there is no reason not to know at least the basics about the company you are calling.

2. I have absolutely no idea what this company does and/or why I should be interested in meeting.

This prospector needs to be clear. This is a very long email to say absolutely nothing. If your prospect doesn’t understand what you are talking about, they will hit delete. On the phone they will say, “Not interested,” and hang up.

Lesson Learned: Be clear, concise and to the point.

No jargon unless you are absolutely sure your prospect will understand it.

3. The entire email was about the prospector and the prospector’s company.

He says:
“I would like to meet with you next week…”
“I would like to present a solution…”
“Our dedicated team of professionals…”
“I am seeking to build and maintain…”
“We are proud of our reputation…”
“…we have made significant investments…”
“I would like to take a collaborative approach…”

There’s nothing in the email about me–the prospect. It’s all about what he wants and what his company is doing.

Lesson Learned: Focus your message on your prospect. It’s not about you – it’s about the prospect.

4. The prospector says: “Our dedicated team of professionals, robust product portfolio, and unmatched commitment to delivering the highest possible level of service will make a key impact to your organization.

Having a “key impact” is probably a good thing, although he never actually says what that “key impact” might be.

Lesson Learned: Make sure the focus of your communication is on the value that you represent and be clear what that value is. Your prospect will not guess, figure it out on their own or spend any time at all trying to understand what you’re saying.

Make sure that your email (or your telephone call) is about the value that you bring to customers and state that value in clear simple terms that are easy to understand.

Prospecting by email is very much like prospecting by phone. Your phone call needs to be direct and concise, focused on your prospect and on the value that you represent.

Likewise, your email needs to be direct and concise, focused on your prospect and on the value that you represent.

Learn more about Wendy Weiss at Cold Calling Results.

How to Make Friends in Any Room

How TO Make

You know that feeling you get when you enter a room and suddenly you realize you don’t know anyone? Not a single person?

It’s kind of like those ‘80s movies where someone shows up to a house party and then the record player screeches to a halt and the entire room seems to turn its head at once?

Sometimes life feels like an ‘80s movie.

When this happens to you, your heart may start racing. How do you meet people? How do you start mingling?

More importantly, how do you start making friends – fast?

This is a common problem for many people. You’ve probably been to an event where you showed up and you didn’t know anyone.

Whether you’re at a work event, a social gathering, a holiday party, or even the first day of college, these situations can be incredibly stressful if you’re not naturally outgoing.

So the question we all wonder at this point is what do you do when you enter a room and don’t know anyone?

Do you whip out your phone and start checking email messages so you don’t have to talk to anyone?

Uh… no.

Do you dig your hands in your pockets and slouch your way into a corner?

Nope. Not that either.

In this post, I want to talk about what happens when you enter a new room and you don’t know anyone.

After you’ve entered the room, how do you blend in seamlessly, with charm and wit and class like you belong, even if you are feeling internally like you aren’t so sure.

In other words, so you look more like George Clooney at an Oscars after party than Zach Galfinkackis at … just about any party.

Here are six sure-fire ways to start making friends when you don’t know anyone, even if you may feel like you’re wilting inside.

Bonus: Grab this handy “checklist”which sums up the main points of this article.


1. Set a Goal for Yourself Before Even Showing Up

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Don’t Miss the Big Moments in Life

Start and Grow Your Email List Challenge


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to miss the big moments in life?

You know what I’m talking about.

Maybe you had a work trip and you missed your daughter’s first steps.

Or you had to work late and you missed your son’s first word.

Or you simply couldn’t make it out to celebrate a good friend’s birthday because you’ve been so “stressed” at work… again.

Does any of this ring a bell?

If so, read on …

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Announcing the free 7-Day Start & Grow Your Email List Challenge

Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of a good vacation?

Have you ever gone on vacation and had a “work emergency” completely ruin your vacation?

That happened to me.

A few years ago, I went on a road trip. It was me and my wife and our son in the backseat, who was about one year old at the time.

We had a long car ride – about 8 hours – and it was on a weekday.

And when you’re a service professional like me, if you’re not working, you’re not making money.

So what did I do? I hauled out my laptop. I worked.

Here we were, the whole family in the car, our older son in the back seat and I’m sitting in the passenger seat working while my wife was driving the whole way.

It was not the most pleasant way to start a vacation.

But the bottom line is if if you’re not working, you’re not getting paid.

So flash forward a year and just recently, we had to go on another road trip, unexpectedly. We had a family member who passed away rather suddenly and we needed to go to the funeral service.

So my wife and I had to get in the car and drive.

Again it was about 7 or 8 hours in the car.

Again, it was on a weekday.

But this time, my business had changed. I did not bring out my laptop. Nor did I want to, given we were on our way to a memorial service.

But we got to our destination and it turned out I had made $2,000 while we were in the car.  Even though I hadn’t done any work.

It all happened because of a small but significant change in my business – I now have an email list.

My income is no longer tied to me being in a desk. I don’t have to worry about working while we’re on a road trip, or if a family member is in the hospital or if I’m on vacation.

My email list allows me to build relationships at scale with a huge audience of tens of thousands of subscribers.

I can communicate directly with my audience of thousands directly and immediately, and I can get immediate responses.

If you’re a service professional who doesn’t make money if you aren’t working, how long will you go before some sort of crisis comes along and you can’t work because you have to attend to personal business?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, it takes hard work. It’s not for anyone who wants to make a buck by Tuesday. If that’s you, go sell something on eBay or Fiverr.

This is not complex stuff. But what it does take is prioritizing a different kind of work. You have to be willing to put in hard work that doesn’t result in an immediate billable hour.

But the hard work does yield benefits you could reap for years to come (unlike a billable hour that you get paid for and you never get paid for ever again.)

I call it “Snowball income” rather than “Passive income,” because (a.) I think the term “passive income” is misunderstood and is usually not really passive, and (b.) what you’re really doing is putting in hard work that you will benefit from over time and in greater measure, much like a snowball picking up speed.

I want to inspire all of you to set up and grow your own email list like I did, so that’s why I created my free Start & Grow Your Email List Challenge.

This completely free 7-day course will show you how to set up and grow your own email list, even if you’re not a “techie.”

I’ll show you how to grow your email list from 0 to 100 subscribers, to 1,000 subscribers and beyond.

And better yet – I’ll show you how to turn your relationships with your subscribers into revenue for your business.

You must sign up by Sunday, May 24th.

You can sign up here.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons why you should start an email newsletter today:

  1. It’s Easy. Starting an email newsletter is a piece of cake, and yet once it’s set up, you benefit for years to come. You can “set it and forget it.”
  2. You Meet New People & Grow Your Network. Every morning I wake up and have emails from new people who are on my email list. I meet new people and build wonderful relationships with my subscribers.
  3. Your Newsletter Frees Up Your Time. If you set up your email newsletter properly using “autoresponder” or followup messages, then your emails go out automagically while you’re freed up to do other things. It means less time in the office, not more.
  4. It’s a Scaleable Way to Grow Your Business. An email newsletter and an email list really allows you to scale your business, without having to work 24/7. You can get paid even when you’re on vacation or out of the office.
  5. You can Promote Products and Services You Love. As long as you lead with providing value, then you can also promote your own products and services. For example, I sell my own products like the Connect with Influencers and Power Networking System courses. And I share my love for Contactually CRM program for managing relationships and strengthening weak ties.  (Check out my video review of how I use Contactually here.)
  6. Your Newsletter Will Grow Your Income. As long as you are not spamming people and you provide value, then your income will grow as your email list grows in size.

Here’s what you get in the free, 7-day course:

  • Welcome – why an email list is so important and what to expect
  • Day 1: How to set up your email account in under 20 minutes (even if you’re not a “techie”)
  • Day 2: How to create a blog/website/landing page that will convert visitors into subscribers
  • Day 3: Where you should place your signup forms to maximize signups
  • Day 4: How to create a free opt-in “bribe” to attract people to your list
  • Day 5: How to create follow up emails that provide value to your new subscribers
  • Day 6: How to drive traffic to your list
  • Day 7: A case study on best practices

Trust me on this: starting your own email list and growing it is the best thing you can do to create the financial freedom you dream about and you deserve.

Sign up here by Sunday, May 24th.