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Relationships are an often-underestimated aspect to almost any business or organization. Carefully developing successful relationships can lead to exponential growth.

And, as Zvi Band now knows well, to a selling your company for a handsome sum to another company. You never know where your relationships will take you.

Zvi Band is the author of the new book Success is in Your Sphere was the co-founder and CEO of Contactually prior to its merger with Compass. Zvi has made a career of helping people to create and nourish what he calls our great asset: relationships. He has made it his lifeís work to empower people in the industries of real estate, consulting, and more.

In this episode, Zvi Band joins John to explore the merger of Contactually with Compass, the importance of relationships, and Zviís book Success is in Your Sphere.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • Zviís Experience Since Selling Contactually
  • How Transparent a Company Should Be About Internal Dealings
  • The Process of Joining Forces With Compass, and How Zvi Maintained a User Focus Throughout the Process
  • Why Zvi and Contactually Thought Partnering with Compass was a Good Fit
  • Zviís Transition from Working as a Solo Entrepreneur to Being in Leadership of a Large Company
  • Why Working With Compass Continues the Same Mission Zvi Has Always Had
  • Everything Comes Down to Relationships
  • The Successful Cultural Synergy Between Contactually and Compass
  • The Shifts in Goals and Networking Which Happens When Companies Experience a Merger
  • Why Zvi Decided to Write the Book Success is in Your Sphere
  • The Importance of Building Relationships in Any Business
  • Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Implementing Any Strategy
  • The Need For Focus in Any Endeavor, and Especially when Completing a Merger of Two Major Companies
  • Ben Franklinís Interesting Method for Building Relationships, Even From His Adversaries
  • Who Zvi Band Thanks for His Success

Resources Mentioned:

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