Why I Recommend Freshbooks for Time Tracking and Invoicing

Freshbooks, accounting, cloud accounting, cloud invoicing, cloud timekeepingOne of the more frequent questions I get about my law practice is what I use for billing and invoicing.

I have used a couple of different systems, but one of the best I’ve ever used personally is Freshbooks.

I’ve written about Freshbooks before but I’ve never done a dedicated review, so here goes.

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is a cloud-based billing system that provides easy and elegant time tracking, billing, and invoicing.

You can format beautiful invoices custom-tailored with your logo and accept online payments quickly and painlessly.

You can also accept online payments very easily. Freshbooks boasts that accepting such quick online payments means you will get paid quicker, and I believe it. I’ve been accepting credit card payments for years now, and I’ve felt it really helps with getting paid on time.

Even though the amount I pay per year in credit card fees makes me wince, I find the convenience for clients worthwhile.

NOTE: the links to Freshbooks in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you click through and sign up for an account, I’ll receive a small commission (though it doesn’t affect the price you pay). If you do like this review and want to become a Freshbooks customer through our affiliate link, we really appreciate it.

How Freshbooks works

You can create estimates for potential clients, then convert the estimate to an invoice with two quick clicks. Another nice feature is if you have subcontractors, they can set up free accounts to invoice you, which you can then turn around and turn into an invoice to your clients.

I used Freshbooks for a few weeks around the time I set up my firm, and I really liked its features. I would still be using it but I decided to start using a cloud-based practice management feature called Clio which is designed for small law firms.

Clio offers a similar feature, and I am already paying $49/month for Clio, so I didn’t need to use both. However, if I weren’t using Clio, I would use Freshbooks.

There’s one feature my Clio account does not have which I miss from Freshbooks. Freshbooks has a cool feature where you can pay about $2 per bill and they will print, address, stamp and mail off a bill for you.  That’s really cool.

I prefer to send invoices by email. But if you have a couple of clients who want an old-fashioned paper bill, this can save you time.

Two Free Trial Offers

Freshbooks has two free trial offers. You can try out one of their packages for 30 days. Or you can also create a “free” plan with up to 3 clients. That’s what I did.

For some people and some businesses, that may be adequate. I definitely lets you play around and get a feel for the system and what it offers.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Freshbooks paid packages start at $19.95/month for up to 25 clients. Check it out!