We’re Looking For Guest or Contributing Bloggers

Good news, everyone: we’re looking to expand, and to do so we need a few good guest bloggers or contributing bloggers. We’re particularly looking for lawyers or law students who are interested in helping others to understand the often confusing world of California law.

Why Is This A Great Opportunity For You?

This is a great opportunity if you are an outside-the-box thinker and interested in helping others by making the law more accessible and understandable.  It’s also a great way for a lawyer or law student to build expertise in a particular area of law and/or to build their general reputation as a thought leader.

Our blog posts are aimed at both the general public and practicing attorneys and legal professionals. Topics are usually in the form of a “How to” or a “Top 5 Reasons…” or “Top 10 Biggest…” which is the format that is most likely to be useful to readers. Blog posts would need to be around 500-750 words. No previous experience blogging necessary.

Given the state of the economy, a lot of our recent posts have focused on foreclosure and short sales, because many people are turning to the internet for advice on these topics.

Future blog posts may include topics such as (these are just examples):
* How to Interview and Choose a Personal Injury Attorney (or Medical Malpractice, or Divorce, etc.)
* Best Websites for Neighbors Fighting Neighbors Over Tree Disputes
* Top 10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Business Lawyer
* How to Form a Limited Liability Company
* How to Sell a Business
* Podcast Interview with a Practicing Attorney
* Book Reviews/Recommendations (especially a series of books in a particular category such as land use or wills and trusts)
* How to Stop a Barking Dog Nuissance
* How to Fight a Speeding Ticket
* How to Negotiate with Your Credit Card Company

We encourage you to suggest and brainstorm other topics.

We can’t pay anything for blog contributions now, however, there could be a chance of payment someday in the future.

We are particularly interested in students or lawyers who are willing to think outside of the box and find creative ways to build California Law Report’s reach and audience while establishing their own expertise.

If you have questions, or are interested in contributing to this expanding blog, please email John Corcoran at johncorcoran [at] gmail [dot] com.

–John Corcoran
Publisher, California Law Report

Photo credit: Flickr.