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Hi, my name is John Corcoran. You probably arrived here because you heard my interview on the War on Work podcast.

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What People Are Saying About John Corcoran:

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John Corcoran is someone I trust for sound, practical advice. Recently, I was stumped as I was working through an issue with my business. He and I got on the phone and he helped me think through my idea in a way I couldn’t after hours of trying. He is a creative problem solver whose background in politics gives him a unique take on business. — Andrew Warner, Mixergy.com



JV Crum III, Conscious Millionaire, ConsciousMillionaire.com, entrepreneurJohn Corcoran really knows his stuff when it comes to networking. You don’t get a job at the White House at age 23 unless you really know how to connect with people. His advice on how to broaden your network is worth its weight in gold. — JV Crum III, entrepreneur, author of Conscious Millionaire, CEO of www.ConsciousMillionaire.com

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Who Is John Corcoran?

“I’ve worn a lot of hats in my career. I’ve worked in the White House, in Hollywood, and in Silicon Valley, and for the past few years, as an attorney working with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

I created SmartBusinessRevolution.com to share my experiences and the connections I see between successful political strategies and how those strategies can work in business as well.”