Get Up to Speed in 60 Minutes With These 3 Core Tools: a CRM system, Website & Email List

I’m John Corcoran, creator of Smart Business Revolution. On this site, I talk about how to use relationships to attract more clients, customers and revenues.

This page is designed to help you get up to speed quickly and get better at building relationships with people who matter and leveraging those relationships to increase your income.

There are three basic tools which I highly recommend you use. These three tools are the foundation of much of the advice I give on this site. Those three tools are a CRM program (or “customer relationship management” program), a blog, and an email newsletter.

These three tools have made an enormous difference in my business, and I know many, many others who would say the same.

Below, I provide three separate tutorials for how you can set up each of these, if you don’t have them set up already.

How to Get Started with Contactually (the CRM Program I use and recommend)


I use Contactually to manage relationships and to follow up with relationships so they don’t go stale. This is one of the best things you can do to keep in touch with people and it’s well worth the small monthly investment. If you use my affiliate link to sign up, you get a risk-free, 30-day free trial so you can try it out AND you get 10 email templates drafted by me which will be automatically populated in your account.

Here’s how I use Contactually:

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Also, awhile back, I asked Brian Pesin, Contactually’s marketing manager, to hop on a webcast with me to share some of their best tips for following up with people in your network. He had some great tips on how to leverage relationships with your network, whether you sign up to try out Contactually or not. Check that out here: Four-Step Framework for Staying Relevant with your Most Important Contacts.

How to Set up a Blog in Under 10 Minutes

How to Set up an Email Newsletter in Under 20 Minutes

I use Aweber for my email marketing because they are affordable, easy to use, and have great deliverability. As of May 2015, I have approx. 5,000 7,000 14,000 subscribers on my email list – far, far more people than I could ever manage to keep in touch with if I was trying to manage those relationships one-to-one. You can read the full review of how to use an email newsletter to grow your network and your income by creating an email newsletter in under 20 Minutes, or watch this video to see what the inside of my Aweber account looks like:

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