Small Business Entrepreneurs 101

How to grow your small business

Every small business owner is an entrepreneur. But just because you own your business doesn’t mean you know how to be an entrepreneur.

Many small business owners go to work for themselves because they excel at a particular skill. You may be a great cake-baker. You may be the world’s best barista.

You may have the world’s best taste in lampshades so you start a nothing-but-lampshades store.

Whatever your particular skillset, that particular skill that led you to found your own business may no longer be what you need the most to be a successful small business entrepreneur. You need help. That’s where we come in.

Below is a list of some of our best articles aimed at helping small business entrepreneurs. Enjoy!


10 Steps to Effective Small Business Entrepreneurship

Here’s a list of 10 of our most popular articles on how to be a successful and effective small business entrepreneur:

  1. The Nobility of Embracing Your Natural Talents
  2. How to Find Good Independent Contractors for Your Business
  3. How to Avoid Common Business Growth Problems: A Cautionary Tale from the Winchester Mystery House
  4. How to Sell Without Being a Cheesey Salesperson
  5. What Baseball Can Teach Us About Failure, Business and Life [Video]
  6. Six Indispensible Tools for a New Business Startup
  7. How to Create a Blog for Business in Five Simple Steps
  8. 7 Tips for Assembly a Team of Trusted Advisors for your Business
  9. The New Email Marketing Rules for Businesses
  10. How to Raise Capital for Your New Business (While Keeping it Simple)

Interviews with Successful Small Business Entrepreneurs

    1. Client Spotlight: How Debbie Koenig Quadrupled Her Business by Focusing on Private Swimming Lessons for Adults
    2. How Kevin Waldron Built a $24M/year Disaster Restoration Company from Scratch [Podcast]

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