How to Embrace Uncertainty & Thrive: A Review of Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields [Video]

uncertainty-book-jonathan-fields, Career Renegade, Jonathan Fields, Good Life ProjectAre you the type of person who runs away from the first sign of danger?

Do you flee when you are forced to confront the unknown?

If either of these apply to you, don’t worry.  You’re not alone. It turns out a lot of us tend to cling to what is safe, steady and predictable in life.

It also turns out that running away from the first sign of uncertainty is not such a great idea.

In the book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance (Amazon affiliate link), Jonathan Fields makes a compelling argument for embracing uncertainty. He backs it up with dozens of true life examples of individuals who have embraced the unknown, powered through it, and emerged successful on the other side.

I have really enjoyed the book, and so I recorded a quick video to capture my thoughts. Here it is:


About Jonathan Fields: From Big Firm Lawyer to Yoga Studio Owner

Jonathan Fields is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and former big firm lawyer. He’s the author of Career Renegade ($11.20 on Amazon), which he wrote after he quit his big-paycheck job as a Manhattan lawyer to go start a Yoga studio.

It wasn’t just any yoga studio. It was a yoga studio in the heart of midtown Manhattan. And he signed the lease for the space on what was perhaps the worst possible day to sign a lease for a new business owner in Manhattan … on September 10, 2001.

I’ve heard and read Jonathan recount the tale of that experience and that time period, and he doesn’t color it and he doesn’t embellish the story. He just tells it like it is – reflecting the shock, horror, tragedy and fear of that time.

This book Uncertainty is inspired by that experience, but Jonathan doesn’t stop there. He brings to life dozens of stories of others who have taken on fear and the unknown and emerged better off for it.

Jonathan is also the creator of Good Life Project, which I love. In the Good Life Project, Jonathan does very high-quality long-form interviews with interesting entrepreneurs. It’s a tremendous resource, especially for those who are building a business now.  I highly recommend you watch a few of them.

In my video above, I mentioned Jonathan’s TED Talk, which you can watch below:

So check out Uncertainty – I really enjoyed it. And I think you will as well.

Title: Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance

Author: Jonathan Fields of and Good Life Project

Price: $10.88 in paperback on Amazon; $9.99 on Kindle

Available At: Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.