How to Make Introductions in 20 Seconds Using Contactually

One of the best things I’ve committed myself to doing in the past year is more introductions.  I make, on average, about 20-30 introductions per month.

You’re probably thinking: ugh, what a time suck!

But it doesn’t have to take a ton of time to do all of these intros. And you don’t have to be a selfless saint to do introductions. Far from it.

In fact, the reason you should start doing introductions is selfish: because if you want to get introduced to more amazing and interesting people (which will in turn grow your income), then you need to start introducing others.

Ever since I started making introductions, more people have started introducing me to some incredible people. Funny how that happens.

Here are just a few: in the past year, I’ve been introduced to NY Times bestselling author Michael Port, Jordan Harbinger of the Art of Charm podcast (one of the top podcast in itunes), who has become a good friend and a client, Jayson Gaignard (we were introduced by two separate people independently within 24 hours and now I’m excited to be going to his Mastermind Talks in Napa in April), and Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing.

I met all of these people because someone took time out of their day to introduce me (in this case, Matthew Kimberley, Viktor Jiracek, Matt Monroe/Brent Summers and Dov Gordon, respectively).

But here’s the problem, and a common complaint I hear: making introductions is time-consuming. How can I make time to do introductions when I’m too busy already?

Fortunately, I have a great trick. It involves using Contactually, which is the CRM program I recommend everyone uses. But this is no sales pitch for Contactually – I’m sure you can use other CRM programs.

I created this quick video to show you how you can make introductions in under 20 seconds using Contactually:

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P.S.: Here are two great posts on the value of making introductions: The 9 Skills Needed to Become a Super Connector by James Altucher, and How The World’s Top Relationship Builder Makes Introductions by Michael Simmons.