Power Networking – Classroom

Class 1 — Laying the Groundwork for more Profitable Networking

Welcome to the Power Networking course! I’m really happy to have you here.

I designed Power Networking to be as practical and useful as possible. The goal here is to create a roadmap that you can follow to identify, target and meet people who can help you in your career/business development.

No matter what industry you are in, I think you can use this framework to create a strategy for creating more fruitful and profitable relationships.

The roadmap is the easy part. You?re going to have to do the hard part ? meeting people, joining groups, following up, and deepening relationships. However, if you follow the approach I advocate, I believe you can have a lot of fun with this.

I broke down Class 1 into three modules:

Module 1:? How to have the right mindset and be memorable
Module 2:? How to create your ?target list? of people, organizations & events
Module 3:? How to make the most of in-person events

Class 2 — Implementing Better Networking Strategies

Now that we?ve laid the foundation, it?s time to move into implementing better networking strategies. I?ve broken down this topic into four modules:

Module 4:? How to create a bulletproof system for following up

Module 5:? How to create a 12 month networking schedule
Module 6:? Use Social Media to Network in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Module 7:? How to measure revenue and results.

I also include a list of the technology tools I use, a list of further reading, and a sample of exact scripts I have used for reaching out and requesting interviews.

Class 2 materials:

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** Note: the recording may be available for a limited time. After approx. late November, I will upload a MP3 file of the class recording to this page. You will then be able to listen to the audio and look at the powerpoint slides, but the slides and the audio will not be synchronized. Unfortunately, this is a limitation imposed by my webinar software, but you will be able to get all of the content.