025: Shelia Butler | How to Avoid Disputes in Business Partnerships

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Like many business school students, Shelia Butler knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Shortly after graduation, she formed a business partnership with a study partner from business school for the purpose of launching a high-end home furnishing business.

Aidan Gray Home was very successful, eventually growing to employ a large staff and bring in millions of dollars in revenue.

And then… it all fell apart.

A third “silent” business partner decided to step inShelia Butler coaches women on business partnerships and business partners to the business and take an active role, and that drove a wedge between Shelia and her business partners.

In this episode of the Smart Business Podcast, Shelia shares her candid story — including her advice for what every entrepreneur interested in business partnerships should do first, before you launch your business.

There are some tremendously valuable takeaways from this podcast on business partnerships. If you are working with a business partner or business partners or even thinking about having a partner one day, I highly recommend this episode.


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