New Free Ebook: “10 Ways You Can Use Political Strategies and Tactics In Your Business”

10 Ways to Use Pol Tactics 175px wideIn The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell made a very unorthodox comparison – drawing the connection between the spread of sexually transmitted disease in inner city Baltimore and the dramatic resurgence of the Hush Puppies shoe brand.

It sounds rather odd. What do the spread of venereal disease and an unexpected and sudden business turnaround have to do with one another?

It turns out they have a lot in common.  New Yorker writer Gladwell produced a wonderful, practical and engaging read which leaves you engrossed, or at least not questioning the wisdom of making such an unusual comparison.

But The Tipping Point got me thinking more broadly about what other kinds of unorthodox comparisons could be made that would prove useful to the business world.

Too often business comparisons rely on tired clichés – analogies to war, to athletics, to coaching. It’s all been done before.

Then I started thinking about my background in politics. And I realized that the political world – both campaigning and governing – can serve as a great model for business.

Campaigns are very similar to businesses, in that they have a product to sell and a very competitive environment to sell it in. They also have to recruit, train and motivate large forces of inexpensive labor on a shoestring in a short period of time and need to get this cheap workforce to work together, over long hours, in an endeavor that could very easily end in total and abysmal failure.

The comparisons go on but you get the idea.

As I researched it further, I found that there were actually dozens of examples of people who have worked in politics – like me – and then turned around and taken their experiences and knowledge and employed it in the world of business – whether on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley, in a small business or in service of a startup of their own making.

This was really interesting to me. How are these people using what they learned in the cutthroat world of politics in service of the cutthroat world of business?

I finally decided to put all my thoughts in a new 19-page 100% free ebook I’m releasing today titled “10 Ways You can Use Political Strategies and Tactics to Grow Your Business.”
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Why Politics Does Not Have to be Dirty

Before you download the ebook, I want to share what I believe.

“Politics” does not have to be a dirty word.  Too often political strategies and tactics are considered shadey, unethical, or underhanded.

I disagree. Of course, there are always bad apples. In my opinion, those folks are always ferreted out sooner or later, just like a rotten business.

I am not advocating a bunch of under-handed tactics. I am advocating looking at the best political tactics and strategies – those employed by those who have achieved great success in the world of politics – and using them in similar ways in business.

Here’s a quick look at what is included in this ebook:

  • the story of how I got Rob Lowe to play me on TV (you’ll want to hear this)
  • how one veteran of the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign took the software he used to help that campaign break fundraising records and created a software startup with over 50 employees
  • how Senator Ted Kennedy’s hopes of becoming President were dashed by his failure to identify his greater purpose – and what this means for your business
  • how campaigns implement discipline across the board – and how businesses can too
  • the importance of social proof in politics and business
  • what the “Master of Disaster,” a Clinton White House veteran, can tell you about communicating effectively in a business crisis
  • how getting your customers to buy is similar to getting your supporters to the polls on election day

Enjoy! You can download it now here:
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