Successful Lawyers are Good Networkers

A step-by-step guide to creating a networking system that will bring in the clients and revenue you deserve

Dave Tate is an attorney

You’ve heard it before: relationships make the world go round. Nowhere is that more true than in the worlds of law and business. Who you know makes a huge difference – in terms of job promotions, clients, and money in your pocket.

Clinton White HouseBut too many lawyers take a scattershot, haphazard approach to networking. They go to cocktail parties or conferences every once in awhile, meet the wrong people, have zero follow up, and are frustrated by not getting results.

I want to change that. I want to show you how a simple change – turning “what can you do for me” to “what can I do to help others” will make networking far more of a force for good, and be far more financially rewarding for you.

I’ve always placed a high premium on networking. I got my dream job at 23 – as a Writer in the Clinton White House. I got it because I had a focused networking plan.

Today, I’m an attorney with my own firm, and I use the same techniques that got me a White House job to bring in over six figures of revenue each year.

I created the Power Networking for Lawyers Class to show you my techniques for networking in a strategic and disciplined way.

William Bradbury is an attorneyJohn offers a tremendous course in business networking and strategically building your social contacts. He combines his personal experience and anecdotes with success stories and alternative strategies from first hand relationships and discussions to deliver strategies and techniques that can be implemented immediately to enhance your own career. John’s course allows you to aggressively build your network in a positive way with an emphasis on making yourself helpful to others without expecting a return. — William Bradbury, Esq.

Who Is this For?

  • Attorneys who want to bring in more clients
  • Associates who want to make partner one day
  • Partners who want to create a better system for their networking
  • Solo practitioners struggling to bring in more clients
  • Law students looking to get better at networking
  • Recent law graduates and job seekers
Dave TateThe class was very helpful for me.  I found it useful that your webinar was “positive” in nature, almost like a coaching session.  Not in the sense of an inspirational pep talk, but by providing useful ideas and the start of or confirming an outline, system or approach for networking and marketing.  I have put in a fair amount of time attempting to network and working on better ways to do it, but I am not really personally connected with most of my connections or with many people who will reciprocate. The class definitely have helped me to add structure to what I am doing.  The course and the homework assignments were challenging, in a good way. I have been working on my conversations, organizations and events spreadsheets.  This will take a while, but it is well worth it and badly needed for me. — Dave Tate, Esq.

Ready to get started with Power Networking for Lawyers?

The Power Networking for Lawyers class is comprised of two classes via webinar on July 18 and July 25th, both from 12noon – 1:00PM PST.

The classes will include:

Class #1 July 18 from 12noon-1pm PST:

  • You will create your “target list” of the people, organizations, & events
  • How to make the most of in-person events
  • How to be memorable
  • A step-by-step a system for following up with key contacts & VIPs you meet

Class #2: July 25 from 12 noon-1pm PST:

  • How to use social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Easy, dead simple ways to be super helpful to others
  • How to use blog posts to meet new contacts & new clients
  • The easy way to use interviews & short videos to develop relationships
  • How to turn one-time customers or clients into lifelong customers or clients
Outcome*: You will have a system that will result in more business, clients & customers and more money in your pocket.

*if you implement everything I teach you


JV Crum III, Conscious Millionaire,, entrepreneurJohn Corcoran really knows his stuff when it comes to networking. You don’t get a job at the White House at age 23 unless you really know how to connect with people. His advice on how to broaden your network is worth its weight in gold. — JV Crum III, attorney and entrepreneur, author of Conscious Millionaire, CEO of


The “Summer Associate” Package
  • • two 60-minute live classes, July 18 & July 25
  • • all MP3 audio recordings from live classes
  • • all handouts, worksheets and spreadsheets
  • • tools for measuring your successes
  • Cost: $297
The Rainmaking Partner Package
  • • everything in the Summer Associate package, plus:
  • • one 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with me between classes to review your target lists
  • • exact scripts I use for networking and following up
  • Cost: $597


guaranteeI want you to get 10x the value back from your investment. I am confident you will get that, if you put in the work.  If you do not feel the class was useful to you, I’ll give you a 100% full money back refund up to 30 days after the second class. Just email me within 30 days of the second class if you want a refund. No questions asked.

Hope to see you soon!

— John

John H. Corcoran, Esq.

P.S. You will notice I am only charging $297 and $597 for this class. In the future, I expect I will charge $697 or $997 — which I am confident will still be well worth the investment.