The Ultimate Networking Tips Resource: Top 10 Tools for Networking Online

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Me playing handyman with my tools. I had a helper.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to networking is how much time it takes. Without a doubt, it is time consuming.

That’s where social media comes in. Although I do not believe it’s a good idea to rely 100% on social networking sites for building a strong personal network, I do believe social media can be a great tool for networking and for generating leads online.

In an ideal world, I think you should try to achieve closer to a 50/50 split between face-to-face networking on the one hand, and online social networking on the other hand.

So, to help you with the 50% of your efforts aimed at networking online, I’ve created a new free resource guide packed with networking tips titled The Top 10 Tools for Networking Online.

There’s actually many more than 10 tools listed. But I called it “Top 10 Tools” anyways because I like to exceed your expectations. : )

You can either read the list below, or you can download this handy PDF I created with all of the tools listed.

I hope this helps your networking efforts!

The Top 10 Tools for Networking Online

NOTE: some of these links here are affiliate links, meaning if you click through and purchase, we will get a commission. However, this does not increase your cost (the cost is the same for you). I only recommend tools that I have actually personally used and would recommend regardless of any commission.

  1. (referral link) – email marketing system. I use aweber for my email list, and I love it. Related reading: How to Create a Blog for Business in Five Simple Steps
  2. – free service for easily recording phone conversations. You can use this service to easily record interviews over the phone and then publish them to your blog, website, or podcast.
  3. Contactually – this is a CRM (Customer relationship management) program that allows you to manage relationships and follow-up communications. You can check out this video review I created demonstrating how I use Contactually. (You can also use this link: and get access to my email templates in your account.)
  4. Quicktime player – You can use this free software to record short videos – either audio recordings, movie recordings, or screen recordings. I explain more about this in Step 6 of How to Create Your Personal Networking Plan.
  5. Skype – I use this free service to do a virtual “cup of coffee” with people who don’t live close to me.  I also use Skype for recording interviews for my podcast.
  6. Ecamm Call Recorder for Mac ($20) or Pamela for PC ($20) – Ecamm Call Recorder is a small piece of software that integrates with Skype. It allows you to record Skype videos or audio calls.  I use this to record my interviews for my podcast. Even without a podcast, you can use it to record interviews and embed them on a blog. Ecamm also allows you to split the two sides of an audio call after recording it, which helps with tweaking and improving the audio quality.
  7. Google Hangout – web-based video call software, similar to Skype. I use Google Hangout to meet with one of my mastermind groups and have used it for interviews. One nice feature is you can also easily record Google Hangouts and upload them to Youtube.
  8. Screenflow – software to record screen presentations.
  9. – I love this simple screencasting video recording software. For $15/year, you can upgrade to their Pro version which eliminates the watermark and gives you additional editing tools.
  10. – provides traffic information on websites. I use Alexa to find out how much traffic certain websites or blogs get. Alexa also has a Google Chrome extension I have installed in my browser so I can very quickly get basic traffic information about whatever website or blog I am reading as I am reading it.
  11. BufferApp – allows you to send tweets at optimal times when your followers are most active. I have the buffer Google Chrome extension installed so I can quickly add something I want to share on Twitter to my bufferapp queue to be tweeted out at some point later.
  12. SocialOomph – free and paid service to schedule tweets.
  13. Odesk – One of the best networking tips I ever got was to not try to do everything yourself. Odesk is an excellent website for finding, managing and paying freelancers. You could use a freelancer on Odesk to do anything, from designing a custom greeting card for someone to managing your email inbox.
  14. – on Fiverr, people provide small services for $5. You can get someone to design a special gift, graphic or cartoon. It’s an inexpensive tool for doing something memorable.
  15. TaskRabbit – allows you to find prescreened help in your local community to do specific tasks, from shopping to helping around the house. You could use a TaskRabbit to pick up and deliver a gift to someone, or to help stuff and stamp your holiday cards.
  16. Hootsuite – advanced social media account management program which allows you to coordinate and schedule all of your social media account updates from one central location.

If you enjoyed this list, I also suggest you read my free 52+ page ebook, How to Create Your Personal Networking Plan, which can be downloaded by signing up for my email list.  In that free ebook, I explain why tools are just one piece of the puzzle; what you really need is a solid strategy for building a strong personal network, along with the tools. I detail that strategy in the book.