081: Michael O’Neal | How to Be a Successful Solopreneur


Have you ever seen a contemporary of yours who has rocketed to success – seemingly out of the blue – and wondered how they did it?

One of the myths I want to dispel with this podcast and my blog is that there’s such a thing as a sudden overnight success.

I think so often people like to think becoming an overnight success is really possible because they like to think there’s an easy button.

The truth is behind almost every “overnight success” you will find years and years of effort behind the scenes when no one was watching.

That’s the case with Michael O’Neal.

Michael is the founder of the Solopreneur Hour, a podcast he launched in 2013.

Michael OnealWhen he launched the podcast, it was an instant success, and people said he was an overnight success.

But the truth was, he actually had spent years training for it.

In this episode, he shares his story in this episode of how years of being a musician and a performer and of helping other successful podcasts behind the scenes really were the reason why the Solopreneur Hour was so successful right off the bat.

It was not dumb luck. It was consistent, focused action.

You don’t often see or hear about these types of stories so that’s why I was happy to share it.

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