Jonathan Cronstedt | How to Make $800 Million + in Online Course Sales

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Jonathan Cronstedt is the President of Kajabi; an online business and education platform that has seen its user sell over $700 million in digital products. He’s also the former CEO of Digital Marketer and has served in a number of different sales and marketing roles.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Kajabi?
  • How Kajabi Had to Reinvent Its Service to Keep up with Changes in Its Industry
  • The Lessons Jonathan Learned from Rebuilding Kajabi from Scratch
  • Why Jonathan Views the Growth of the Digital Product Space as Having Validation Instead of Competition
  • Jonathan’s Professional Evolution with Kajabi Over Nearly a Decade
  • The Skills Jonathan Gained Working at a Car Dealership That He Brings to His Work Today
  • How Jonathan Pivoted Between Multiple Different Industries Over His Career
  • Jonathan’s Take on Affiliate Marketing
  • Jonathan’s Experience as the CEO of Digital Marketer
  • Who Jonathan Thanks for His Success

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