075: Keith Krance | How to Build Relationships using Facebook

rsz_smart_business_revolution_podcast_artwork_redThis is the podcast where we show you how to develop relationships that matter, with people who matter, in a digital world.

Without question, one of the biggest tools for developing relationships today is Facebook.

But it’s not just about flipping through your vacation pictures and posting things on your wall.

It’s also a huge platform for small businesses to advertise on.

My guest on this episode is an expert in Facebook advertising and the author with Perry Marshall of a new book called the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (referral link).

Krance tells us how investing $2,500 in a weekend conference when he had no idea where the next month’s rent money was going to come from was the best thing he has done in his business.

Keith KranceHe also tells us:

  • How to approach conferences you attend and use them to develop key relationships to grow your business
  • Why people who say you always have to charge premium prices are WRONG and why you should work for free, especially when you are getting started
  • why you should be making introductions, how he does it, and how introductions have transformed his business


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