Announcing the free 7-Day Start & Grow Your Email List Challenge

Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of a good vacation?

Have you ever gone on vacation and had a “work emergency” completely ruin your vacation?

That happened to me.

A few years ago, I went on a road trip. It was me and my wife and our son in the backseat, who was about one year old at the time.

We had a long car ride – about 8 hours – and it was on a weekday.

And when you’re a service professional like me, if you’re not working, you’re not making money.

So what did I do? I hauled out my laptop. I worked.

Here we were, the whole family in the car, our older son in the back seat and I’m sitting in the passenger seat working while my wife was driving the whole way.

It was not the most pleasant way to start a vacation.

But the bottom line is if if you’re not working, you’re not getting paid.

So flash forward a year and just recently, we had to go on another road trip, unexpectedly. We had a family member who passed away rather suddenly and we needed to go to the funeral service.

So my wife and I had to get in the car and drive.

Again it was about 7 or 8 hours in the car.

Again, it was on a weekday.

But this time, my business had changed. I did not bring out my laptop. Nor did I want to, given we were on our way to a memorial service.

But we got to our destination and it turned out I had made $2,000 while we were in the car.  Even though I hadn’t done any work.

It all happened because of a small but significant change in my business – I now have an email list.

My income is no longer tied to me being in a desk. I don’t have to worry about working while we’re on a road trip, or if a family member is in the hospital or if I’m on vacation.

My email list allows me to build relationships at scale with a huge audience of tens of thousands of subscribers.

I can communicate directly with my audience of thousands directly and immediately, and I can get immediate responses.

If you’re a service professional who doesn’t make money if you aren’t working, how long will you go before some sort of crisis comes along and you can’t work because you have to attend to personal business?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, it takes hard work. It’s not for anyone who wants to make a buck by Tuesday. If that’s you, go sell something on eBay or Fiverr.

This is not complex stuff. But what it does take is prioritizing a different kind of work. You have to be willing to put in hard work that doesn’t result in an immediate billable hour.

But the hard work does yield benefits you could reap for years to come (unlike a billable hour that you get paid for and you never get paid for ever again.)

I call it “Snowball income” rather than “Passive income,” because (a.) I think the term “passive income” is misunderstood and is usually not really passive, and (b.) what you’re really doing is putting in hard work that you will benefit from over time and in greater measure, much like a snowball picking up speed.

I want to inspire all of you to set up and grow your own email list like I did, so that’s why I created my free Start & Grow Your Email List Challenge.

This completely free 7-day course will show you how to set up and grow your own email list, even if you’re not a “techie.”

I’ll show you how to grow your email list from 0 to 100 subscribers, to 1,000 subscribers and beyond.

And better yet – I’ll show you how to turn your relationships with your subscribers into revenue for your business.

You must sign up by Sunday, May 24th.

You can sign up here.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons why you should start an email newsletter today:

  1. It’s Easy. Starting an email newsletter is a piece of cake, and yet once it’s set up, you benefit for years to come. You can “set it and forget it.”
  2. You Meet New People & Grow Your Network. Every morning I wake up and have emails from new people who are on my email list. I meet new people and build wonderful relationships with my subscribers.
  3. Your Newsletter Frees Up Your Time. If you set up your email newsletter properly using “autoresponder” or followup messages, then your emails go out automagically while you’re freed up to do other things. It means less time in the office, not more.
  4. It’s a Scaleable Way to Grow Your Business. An email newsletter and an email list really allows you to scale your business, without having to work 24/7. You can get paid even when you’re on vacation or out of the office.
  5. You can Promote Products and Services You Love. As long as you lead with providing value, then you can also promote your own products and services. For example, I sell my own products like the Connect with Influencers and Power Networking System courses. And I share my love for Contactually CRM program for managing relationships and strengthening weak ties.  (Check out my video review of how I use Contactually here.)
  6. Your Newsletter Will Grow Your Income. As long as you are not spamming people and you provide value, then your income will grow as your email list grows in size.

Here’s what you get in the free, 7-day course:

  • Welcome – why an email list is so important and what to expect
  • Day 1: How to set up your email account in under 20 minutes (even if you’re not a “techie”)
  • Day 2: How to create a blog/website/landing page that will convert visitors into subscribers
  • Day 3: Where you should place your signup forms to maximize signups
  • Day 4: How to create a free opt-in “bribe” to attract people to your list
  • Day 5: How to create follow up emails that provide value to your new subscribers
  • Day 6: How to drive traffic to your list
  • Day 7: A case study on best practices

Trust me on this: starting your own email list and growing it is the best thing you can do to create the financial freedom you dream about and you deserve.

Sign up here by Sunday, May 24th.


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