You Can Get Your Dream Job – Here’s How [video]

Do you ever daydream at work?

Have you ever driven away from your work on a Friday afternoon, dreaming about how amazing it would be if you never had to return?

… only to slump back to work again on Monday morning, dreading the week ahead?

If this sounds like you, then I want to remind you that Ramit’s Dream Job course is closing tonight at 11:59pm PST (affiliate link).

I recorded a quick video to share my final thoughts on the course (watch the video then read the story below):

Now that you’ve watched the video, let me tell you a story.

For the past two weeks, I have shared my best advice and strategies on how you can get an amazing job. Not just a better job. But a job of your dreams. A job you’re proud of.

I shared my story of how I got my dream job at 23 years old, even though I flunked kindergarten and graduated from a college that is known primarily as a “party school”.

This was all on top of hundreds of hours of podcasts, blog posts and 100% free webinar trainings I’ve offered over the years – all aimed at helping you to use relationships to grow your income and get ahead in your career or with your own business.

Why do I do all of this? I do it for guys like Jeremy.

When I first met him, Jeremy was a philosophy major at a university in the Midwest who had dreams of working for a tech startup.

The only problem?

He knew no one.

Most of the tech jobs were 1,500 miles away on the coasts.

And he had absolutely zero private sector experience because he had been in the military for 15+ years, including stints in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And did I mention he was a philosophy major?

So yeah, it was just a bit of an uphill battle.

But here’s the thing: Jeremy wouldn’t give up.

Using my advice and training, Jeremy began building relationships one at a time. He began providing value to every person he met.

He used free tools like Twitter and email to connect with and build relationships with people who worked at the tech startups he admired.

I watched Jeremy transform from a shy, apprehensive and uncertain college student into a confident and well-connected employee of an amazing tech startup.

That’s right – within 9 months of knowing no one, Jeremy landed his dream job. The CEO of LeadPages (a fast-growing tech startup) was so impressed with Jeremy that he created a brand new position for Jeremy working directly with him as his “right hand man.”

And guess what – the position was 10 minutes from Jeremy’s house.

As I write this, Jeremy has been promoted multiple times and is earning a VERY comfortable salary. He moved out of a shared apartment and into his own loft bachelor pad in a hip part of town.

Instead of walking to work or taking public transit during those cold Midwestern winters, he takes an Uber whenever he wants.

I caught up with Jeremy in person earlier this year and he was practically walking on air, completely inspired, happy and optimistic about the future.

It’s guys like Jeremy that inspire me.

Here’s the thing: you can be just like Jeremy.

You don’t have to slam down the snooze button on your alarm every Monday morning.

You don’t have to mail off dozens of resumes and get almost zero responses.

You can discover what your passion is, and ace job interviews.

You can negotiate a raise so you’re paid what you deserve.

You can be challenged with great responsibility. You can be surrounded by other coworkers who inspire you to work harder because you love your work.

Ramit’s course will show you everything you need to know to land your dream job.

Combined with my Connect with Influencers course (which is not currently open to general enrollment, but you get as a bonus for signing up through my link), they make a dynamite pair. (Check out the $800 in bonuses you get for signing up through my link.)

Ramit spends hundreds of thousands of dollars putting his course together and he has a team of dozens of researchers, trainers, videographers, and artists who make his courses among the highest quality courses to be found anywhere online.

The quality shows throughout it all. You won’t be disappointed.

But you have to act before 11:59pm PST tonight.

If you have any last minute questions, comment below or email me and let me know.

If you’re not interested in this course, then I won’t take offense.

Like Ramit, I’ll be here to help you for the long term and I realize the timing isn’t always right.

You can sign up for Dream Job here

(Note: if you have already joined Ramit’s list through my link, then all you need to do is to sign up through his sales page. If you haven’t joined Ramit’s list yet, then sign up through here and you’ll be emailed the sales page.)
By the way, don’t forget about the $800 in bonuses listed on the page below the video.
Of course, I am a proud affiliate for Dream Job because I know how good it is, so if you buy through my link I do get an affiliate commission.  (But you’re smart so you probably already figured that one out.)

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