080: Dov Gordon | How to Get a Predictable Flow of Clients

Dov Gordon is a marketing coach and consultant — but he’s not your typical marketing coach and consultant.

He’s not going to tell you that you have to be on Twitter or You MUST use SEO! Or you need to be on Facebook!


In fact, he says he doesn’t care what channel you use.

But what he focuses on is helping business owners to get a consistent, steady and predictable flow of clients.

He helps to abolish the horrible boom and bust – the roller coaster that so many small business owners go through.  One minute you’re crazy busy, the next it’s completely dead.

Dov is really good at understanding and explaining the entire marketing ecosystem – how to consistently bring in new leads and turn them systematically into a steady f

low of clients.

He breaks down the 3-step process:

  1. First, how to get your potential client’s attention and interest (hint: there’s a difference between those two)
  2. Second, how to build trust with that client
  3. Third, how to articulate to that client why you have a solution to that potential client’s problem.

If you can master these 3 steps, you can have consistent and steady flow of clients.

Dov GordonIn addition, during this interview, we talk about a strategy that Dov has used to build his business – forming his own group of like-minded small business owners who do what he does – people who are basically his competitors.

Some might call this a “mastermind group” but the group that Dov has built has over 70 members and it’s much more than that. In fact, he jokes he would be nowhere with his business if he hadn’t brought together all his competitors in this group.

I’ve been a part of this group for almost a year and I think he makes a very compelling argument for WHY you should consider forming a similar type of group in your industry, and he explains the exact steps you would take to create such a group, including breaking down all the software he uses.

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And now, enjoy this one with Dov Gordon.

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