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Hi, my name is John Corcoran. You probably arrived here because you received an email from JV Crum III. You and I already have one thing in common: we both admire JV and the work that he does.

As a special gift for readers of Conscious Millionaire, I offer you this free ebook.

The 5,000-word ebook includes 10 specific “secret” political strategies and tactics that you can use in your business right away.

I also include exercises to help you apply these very manageable changes to your business.

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  • the FREE ebook “10 Ways to Use Secret Political Tactics and Strategies to Grow Your Business”
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What People Are Saying About John Corcoran:

JV Crum III“John Corcoran takes his vast experience in the political arena, including working inside the White House and as a Presidential Writer, and applies it to business. His brilliant e-book is a must read because it distills what works in politics and shows you how to use it to grow your business. John’s ten insider “secrets” are equally applicable to business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. In 30 short minutes, you can read and start using this valuable information. Get a copy and read it now!”    — JV Crum III, ConsciousMillionaire.com


andrew warner, mixergy, startup interviews, founder interviews, startup tv show,“John Corcoran is someone I trust for sound, practical advice. Recently, I was stumped as I was working through an issue with my business. He and I got on the phone and he helped me think through my idea in a way I couldn’t after hours of trying. He is a creative problem solver whose background in politics gives him a unique take on business.”   — Andrew Warner, Mixergy.com.


“I wanted to let you know what a positive affect you had on me today. When I sent you my email after signing up for your site I honestly didn’t expect to hear anything back. I just hoped that I might glean something to get things moving for me. Your energy, the offers of actual networking you did and extending a hand when you said “Anything else I can do to help?” floored me. This long winded email is my way of saying thank you. You gave me hope in mankind again and the faith and energy to get up again tomorrow and fight the good fight. You’ve had an impact on someones life and I’ll remember you for it.

Mark Barsocchini

John Corcoran, Smart Business Revolution, SmartBusinessRevolution.com, business lawyer

Who Is John Corcoran?

“I’ve worn a lot of hats in my career. I’ve worked both at the White House and in Hollywood, and for the past few years, as an attorney working with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Because I worked in politics for so many years, I see connections between the ideas and strategies that people in the political world fundamentally understand which business owners often don’t. Using politics as an example, I write about how to use those models as an example to improve how your business operates.

I created SmartBusinessRevolution.com to share my experiences and the connections I see. I also interview interesting entrepreneurs to share their experiences and journey.”

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