Case Study: How One Laid-Off Researcher Connected His Way to a New Job in 7 Days

Louis BerklowNOTE: This is a guest post from Louis Burklow. Louis is a reader of Smart Business Revolution and works as a researcher by day, screenwriter by night.

He recently shared his story with me of how he got laid off and jumped into action, networking his way into a new job almost immediately, with just seven days of being out of work. I thought his tips were so useful and actionable that I asked him if he’d write it up a guest post.  Here it is:


See if any of this sounds familiar: I worked for a law firm for six years and everyone was happy with my work.

Two days before Thanksgiving I was called into my year-end review to find the HR manager there with my boss’s boss. My position was being eliminated.

While they assured me it was nothing personal I couldn’t help but think of those scenes in gangster movies where they say it’s just business as they kill you.

I was given two months’ notice before my time would run out and paychecks would stop.  Nothing focuses the mind like a strict deadline.

While I can’t claim to have a well-planned exit strategy, I did come up with a series of steps to follow. For anyone who finds themselves in the same spot as I was, here they are.

1.  Pause to Reflect and Plan

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