Backlash over San Francisco’s Green Building Proposal

The San Francisco Controller’s office released a report recently analyzing Mayor Gavin Newsom’s green building proposal. The report concluded that the Mayor’s proposal would
impose “higher costs” which would “reduce the overall level of construction, raise the price of rental and owner-occupied housing, raise commercial rents, and potentially discourage businesses from locating and expanding in San Francisco.”


In today’s San Francisco Chronicle, the executive director of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Northern California chapter and the executive director of the American Institute of Architects – San Francisco shot back. They wrote:

“absent from the San Francisco controller’s report were important considerations: Green buildings result in dramatic operational cost savings over their life span, and significant increases in worker health and productivity… Building owners see LEED buildings as an investment to enhance value, rather than a cost.”

The Board of Supervisors has yet to decide on the Mayor’s proposal.