Alternative Careers for Lawyers with John Corcoran and Basil Plastiras

This is a recording of a webinar presentation on “Alternative Careers for Lawyers” with John Corcoran and Basil Plastiras.

In this webinar, attorneys John Corcoran and Basil Plastiras discuss:
— How to find alternative careers, including what industries are growing
— Little Known Networking Secrets
— How to Start and Build a Non-Legal Business
— How to Transition from Practicing Law to a New Career
— Business Opportunities for New Law Graduates

If you have any questions for either John or Basil, you can contact them here:

Basil Plastiras, Esq.

(415) 472-8100

[email protected]

John Corcoran, Esq.

(415) 935-1285

[email protected]