5 “Ninja” Tricks for Using Contactually CRM to Make Money and Get More Clients


Do you ever feel like you can’t keep track of all the critical relationships in your life?

You know… past clients, referral partners, current clients?

Let’s be honest… you’ve probably let more than one relationship get stale. And I’ll bet it’s hurt your business.

I used to feel the same way… until I discovered Contactually.

Contactually is one of the slickest, fastest, easiest-to-use CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software) on the market – a CRM you will love to use.

My last review of Contactually’s CRM software was waaaaaay back in 2014, so I was long overdue for an update on how I use Contactually now.

I’m a major power user of Contactually, meaning I use it all the time. And how I use the software now is very different from how I used it when I started.

So I thought it would be helpful to share a few “ninja” tricks for how to use the software.

I also think these ideas can be helpful if you use another CRM software.

To be honest, I don’t care which CRM you use but if you are in business then relationships are critical. And you should have an attitude that “I will spend $500 per year (or whatever it costs) to maintain my relationships.”

During the past few years, I’ve had a lot of people who know I’m a big Contactually power user ask me about how to use Contactually more efficiently.

So I put together a new video explaining a few key ways I use Contactually now.

Here it is:

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Here’s 5 key ways I use Contactually now:

1.  Tagging

I tag people by dozens of different categories, including city, hometown, interests, employer, etc.

2.  Pipelines

The Pipelines feature allows you to visually track a sales process through different sequences, and easily drag deals along (very similar to Pipedrive sales CRM but included in Contactually so it’s a great deal)

3.  Programs

Programs allow you to set a series of steps you want to follow for managing relationships. For example, you could have the steps be: Step 1: Follow the person on Twitter, Step 2: Reteet them; Step 3: Record a video reviewing a product of theirs, or mention them in a blog post, etc. Here’s what it looks like:

4.  Scalemail (aka “Mailmerge”)

This is a slick and easy way to send dozens to hundreds of emails to people which look like individualized, personalized emails (not like an email newsletter). It’s a huge timesaver.

5.  Buckets

This feature allows you to put contacts into buckets. For example, I used it for the 200+ people who attended our Rise25 VIP reception in San Diego recently, and I used another bucket for people who are members of our Rise25 training programs, or another bucket for people who attended a particular Rise25 retreat.

That’s it for now – if you have any other specific questions about how to use Contactually, feel free to leave them in the comments below.



  1. Hi John,

    Indeed a great read. And I can say from my experience too, that Tagging certainly works like charm, it is actually the Ninja technique to get clients and you have added it on point 1st.

    Thanks for such an article John.

    ~ Donna

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