011: Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style and A Tailored Suit| How to Start and Grow a Men’s Style Business

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurAntonio Centeno makes a big first impression.

When I first met him at the New Media Expo this past January, he was easily the best dressed man in the room.

Once I got to know Antonio, I saw why he was such a passionate advocate for encouraging other men to dress themselves in a stylish and sharp manner.

In spite of modern day appearances, he actually comes from a very humble upbringing.

Growing up in a trailer park in west Texas, he saw others who allowed fate to control them, rather than taking control of their own destinies.

He saw adults who toiled away at menial labor or factory jobs where the hours were long and the pay little.

He came to realize that dressing sharp didn’t just mean spending more money on material things. It meant creating the confidence to realize a better life – to the tune of over $230,000 more in income over the course of a career.

Antonio Centeno, Real men Real Style, A Tailored Suit, Marines, Tony CentenoToday, Antonio takes everything he learned about men’s style and shares it freely through tremendously popular and helpful YouTube videos, his Real Men Real Style blog, and as men’s style expert for the Art of Manliness.

Antonio doesn’t just talk the talk about men’s fashion. He walks the walk.

And of course, he dresses the part.

In this interview, Antonio and I discussed:

  • the mistakes he made when starting his first business – including the $10,000 website that didn’t work.
  • the importance of practice in becoming an expert
  • why you should be willing to do something yourself before you issue orders to others.
  • the importance of being a disciplined entrepreneur.
  • why you should use the customer’s money to fund your business.
  • how becoming an entrepreneur has meant greater freedom for him.

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  1. John – thank you so much for having me on and I look forward to being a part of your businesses growth!

    Talk to you soon bud,


  2. I’m a recent follower of Antonio’s insights. I am a business executive and find myself in myriad environments that require different attire, so I’m grateful for his information and use it on a regular basis.
    Thank you for interviewing him on your site!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Bob. I think Antonio is an excellent resource for business executives. I know his advice has had a big impact on the way I dress. It was something I didn’t think about a lot previously, but now I think about it a lot. And I’ve noticed a difference in my business with people taking me more seriously when I dress more professionally.

    • Thank you Bob – I’m happy to have you on board and please make sure to check out my professional linkedin group http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4063499 – it’s free and full of seasoned exces offering real world style advice!

  3. Great article! Time well spent for me today. There are moments when a ray of light really energizes me. The podcast today did just that for me.
    Thanks John and Antonio!

    • Hi Mark: Wow, I think that’s the best compliment I’ve heard in awhile – glad you enjoyed it. I listened back to the interview yesterday and I have to agree. Antonio has a great story and I’m encouraging him to share it even more widely, because I think a lot of people can learn from him.

    • You are welcome Mark – thanks for listening sir!

  4. Kateshia Pendergrass says:

    This was an excellent podcast!! The information shared here is priceless. I appreciate the message of “perfect practice,” and measuring success. Interesting information. Thank you so much for presenting this!


    • Hi Kateshia – Thanks for stopping by and for listening. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • Thank you Kateshia – I stole the idea of perfect practice from the book Talent is Overrated – great read if you’re looking for how really successful people get that way!

      • I haven’t read Talent is Overrated – I will have to check it out. I am reading Great by Choice, which makes (I think) a similar point – that truly great companies (“10Xers” to use the phrasing of author Jim Collins) are not any better at predicting the future or picking winning technology. They just watch for changes and are prepared to take advantage of it.

  5. Enrique Barrios says:

    Great interview, very inspirational! As a small business owner and business student, I agree with mr. Centeno on the importance of “cash flow”. I have a been following Real Men Real Style for a few months and I find it is a great source of information and motivation to dress well.
    From Montreal, Thank you both for sharing this interview!

  6. brockmcgoff says:

    Antonio and John – awesome interview! It’s like you’re talking directly to me. I had no idea you had that many visitors, and in such a short time (18 months). That’s insane!

    And John is correct in saying that Antonio is giving. He gave me a lot of free advice when I first started my blog, and I ended creating my first product because of that advice.

    This is gold for anyone starting out online. Thank you!


    • RMRStyle says:

      Brock – thank you for the kind words and glad to hear from you again! Send me an email offline and give me an update sometime.

  7. Sdebaets says:

    Antonio shows that a combination of smarts, the ability to notice opportunities, and the drive to succeed can lead to business success. The wisdom he has shared through both his Real Men Real Style educational videos and his thoughtful blog posts has really made a difference in the way I view the clothes I wear. I plan on joining the next Style System Master Course so I can gain an even deeper knowledge of style and to support the business model he has developed.


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