001: The First Smart Business Revolution Podcast | The 3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Became an Entrepreneur

Drum roll please … I am very excited to present my very first Smart Business Revolution podcast!

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know there have been a lot of changes in the past year.

We basically overhauled the entire site, and adding a podcast was a major goal of mine.  In fact, I have wanted to start a podcast for more than two years now, and it is very satisfying to see it finally up and running.

The goal of the podcast is similar to the blog – to help coach entrepreneurs and business owners on how to grow their business in a smart and savvy way that doesn’t require their 24/7 attention.

One major advantage of this podcast is I will be able to share one-on-one interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business owners. You will be able to hear directly from people who have built large businesses out of very little, and learn from their mistakes and missteps.

In fact, we already have a number of these interviews queued up and ready to go.  In future episodes in the weeks ahead, we will feature:

  • an interview with Peter Shankman, creator of “Help A Reporter Out.”  Shankman created HARO to meet an unfulfilled need – connecting reporters who need sources with experts who would like to be quoted. He’ll tell us about how his business model doesn’t charge its users anything on either side (reporters or sources), but makes thousands of dollars each month.
  • An immigrant to the U.S. who started a disaster recovery business in a small warehouse from scratch then built it up to 230 employees in 5 offices and $24 million a year in revenue.
  • the owner of a virtual assistant outsourcing business on how virtual assistants can help your business and how she uses information products to supplement her income.
  • the founder of a pioneering and successful dot-com business that helps consumers find lenders to finance the purchase of a home, car, boat, other large items.
  • and many more.

I also recently put together an ambitious list of over 50 entrepreneurs and business icons (with the help of my business coach) who I’d like to interview over the next 12 months for this podcast.  Maybe I will write up a blog post listing all of those entrepreneurs so that we can track my progress.

As for this first episode, I spent a little time explaining my motivation for the podcast and what I hope to provide.  In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • My commitment to you as a listener of the SBR podcast (in other words, why you might be interested in listening)
  • Why I strongly believe in sharing what I know and have learned from working day in and day out with small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Why I am going to use this podcast to share what I’ve done in my business, including what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

So without further explanation, here is the podcast.

Right click here to download the MP3 (you can also listen directly by clicking “play” at the bottom of this post)

One final note: as I mentioned, this project has been many months in development. In fact, even though I wanted to launch a podcast more than two years ago, I always got tripped up on the technology.

I’d like to thank Pat Flynn who created a tremendous 6-video podcasting tutorial that helped me finally get this podcast launched. If you are thinking about your own podcast, I suggest you check out his tremendous resource.

Enjoy the show!

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  • Rick Sullivan

    Congrats on the new podcast. I usually listen to podcasts during my 45-minute commute, and I through a lot of podcasts. So it’s a good idea to have a podcast.

    • http://www.calawreport.com John Corcoran, Esq.

      Thanks, Rick! I listen to podcasts in the car as well, although I’m fortunate that I have a shorter commute so usually I have to break them up into multiple car rides.

  • James Williamson

    Cool – I’m going to download this tonight and listen to it at the gym.

    • http://www.calawreport.com John Corcoran, Esq.

      Thanks, James!

  • A. Richard Nilson

    Is your podcast available on Android? I switched recently from iPhone to a Droid.

    • http://www.calawreport.com John Corcoran, Esq.

      Hey Richard: Funny, I was just looking into this. There are some app’s from Google Play that you can download, like Stitcher Radio. If you download it, then you can search for my podcast and subscribe if you like.

  • Paul

    Just read a comment of yours regarding “autoresponders” where you said an Internet Marketing guy thought you had the wrong definition of ‘autoresponder’. He was right – if you go back 10 years! The original autoresponder was just as it says ‘an automatic response to someone else’s email’. The term has been morphed and no longer does what it describes. Not that that is necessarily bad – it just illustrates how quickly terms can change. When I was your age the term ‘gay’ simply meant cheerful. Cheers!

    • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

      Thanks, Paul. I guess that explains why the term “autoresponder” is confusing to some (or at least it was confusing to me at first). The term “autoresponder” doesn’t really convey everything an autoresponder does – including sending out emails at regular intervals over a determined period of time, or sending out a different sequence of emails depending on whether a recipient opens an email, or clicks on a link, etc. Someone should probably invent a better word to describe “autoresponders.” (Not it!)

      Thanks for checking in, Paul!

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