3 Books You Need to Read (Plus 1 Free Book)

Can you remember the last time you read a book that blew your mind?

I’m talking about a book that completely shifts your way of thinking.

I love that. Isn’t it incredible when one book can radically change your thoughts or beliefs?

That happened to me this year with a couple of books, and I wanted to share them with you (plus a free book you can grab below).

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

AbundanceFirst, there was Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think (referral link; non-referral link here) by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. If you haven’t read this book, you need to drop everything and rush out and get it.

In Abundance, Diamandis (who founded the XPrize and Silicon Valley’s Singularity University) and Kotler document how progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, digital manufacturing, synthetic biology, and other exponentially growing technologies are enabling us to make much greater gains in quality of life today than we have ever before in human history.

Their basic premise is while headlines in mainstream media tend to dwell on the negative, in fact trend lines across multiple areas have moved towards much better quality of life for huge portions of the planet.

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How to Find Your Profitable Business Idea [Free guide + videos]

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.40.37 PMQuick question. I want you to be brutally honest with yourself for a sec.

Are you struggling to find a profitable business idea?

A big chunk of my readers and podcast listeners tell me they would like to start a business, but they don’t know where to start. Or they have a business, but it’s not earning the income they would like.

If I’ve just described you, I have a free course that will help.

It’s called “Launch Your Profitable Online Business: How to Find a Profitable Business Idea in 7 Days” (referral link) and, for a limited time, you can join for free.

Now let me explain a few things.

This course was created by my friend Ramit Sethi. Ramit is a bestselling author, an entrepreneur, and I consider him one of my key mentors.

I’ve written about him previously and I will again, for a number of reasons. (If that bothers you, I have some educational videos you can watch here instead.)

It’s because of him that my unprofitable “side business” (this blog + my podcast) went from earning $100 to $200 per month to as much as $25,000 in one 30-day period.

Many of my readers would like to achieve those results, and I want to help you get there.

Also, Ramit and his team churn out some of the best training on the market aimed at a few key business principles, ranging from personal finance to careers to mastering your inner psychology.

What does that have to do with what I teach?

Well, I focus on helping business owners and entrepreneurs to build better relationships with people who engage and inspire them, and to turn those relationships into revenues.

One of the best ways to build those relationships at scale today is by growing an online business, or by building an online presence for an offline business.

Ramit can help you do all of this.

Also, his jokes are funny.

But let’s be totally candid for a minute.

You don’t read my emails because they’re fun. You read them because you want to grow your income and/or attract more clients.

My mission is to help you with that – and I do not have a monopoly on good ideas, which is why I’ll gladly share other people’s content when I think it could benefit you.

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How to Make $4,000 in 1 Hour

NOTE: Don’t miss the special bonus I am offering at the bottom of this post.

Have you missed a day of work recently?

Maybe you were sick, or your kid was sick and you had to watch them.

Or maybe you missed work because your car broke down.

If you work for yourself like I do, then any hour you’re not at work means you’re not making money.

If you’re taking care of a sick loved one, or on vacation, or out marketing to get new clients, you’re not getting paid.

That sucks.

It kind of takes the fun out of working for yourself.

Even if you have a job, you know your boss is not happy when you’re not in the office.

Miss too many days and you’ll find yourself out on the street.

But it turns out there is a much better way.

I remember a few months ago, I had to miss a whole day of work because my younger son Tobey was sick, and we didn’t have backup childcare.

The poor little guy was coughing and wheezing and looked like crap. Here’s his sad face:

2015-03-27 11.59.05

Tobey’s sad face


My wife had to go to work, so that meant I was stuck watching him, which meant no money.

Money going out, no money coming in.

(That’s not a good equation.)

And I was really frustrated because I had work I needed to do.

You know the feeling?

Finally, around 11am, Tobey went down for a nap and I had the first chance to check my email.

I was dreading what I was going to see.

And right there in my email was a receipt for a couple of sales of my online course.

I had made $600 while I was not working.

A year ago, this would have seemed like a fantasy.

Today, it actually has become more and more common.

I actually make thousands of dollars each month from digital products.

I get paid, whether I am in the office or if I need to be out of the office. I can go out to a long lunch or take a trip to New York (like I did recently) and I have the peace of mind of knowing my business is still working even if I’m not.

My visit to New York. My business was still working in the background while I was having fun.

My visit to New York. My business was still working in the background while I was having fun.

If you want to know how all of this became possible, I give a large amount of credit to Zero to Launch (affiliate link), a training program on how to create an online business.

In this post, I want to tell you about how Zero to Launch has changed my business, allowing me to leverage my efforts in a smart way so I earn money while I’m sleeping, on vacation, out at dinner, or at home nursing my son back to health.

I’ve made as much as $4,000 from about an hour’s worth of work – far more than the highest paid lawyer nationwide makes per hour.

How? Because I work smarter, not harder. My efforts snowball.

Is this some crazy pyramid scheme? Absolutely not. Is it a get rich quick scheme? Heck no. It takes time and effort.

But: products I created many months ago continue to bring in revenue to my business, while I’ve moved on to other things. (Like this trip to New York, where I had some great meetings with people who could help my business to advance even further.)

I’ll also share an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of what the Zero to Launch course actually looks like when you log in.

Finally, I give you five reasons why you should sign up for the course if you are serious about growing your reputation and your business online. I also created a special Smart Business Revolution Zero to Launch Bonus Experience at the bottom of this post to make signing up for Zero to Launch even more attractive.

Now, what does all of this have to do with relationships?

On this blog and in my podcast, I share my best advice on how to use the new world of digital tools to build relationships, grow your revenue and advance your career.

Zero to Launch has helped me dramatically in that mission. Within 12 months of investing in it, I had quadrupled my email list, meaning I am building relationships with 4X as many people as I was before. I am helping thousands of people per month through my courses, my writing and my podcasts.

And my income from my blog has gone from $100 to $200 per month before ZTL, to as much as $25,000 in a one-month period now.

For years, I sputtered along trying to build an online business and largely failing. Now I am making progress and it’s picking up steam.

It’s all because I now know how to position my business, where to focus my efforts, and how to master my own psychological barriers.

I have seen Zero to Launch work for other people as well. And I know it can work for you.

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How to Find What You Were Meant to Do [Free Book]

Art of Work BookI don’t know about you, but I LOVE free books.

In fact, there are only 3 things I like better than free books.

Guacamole. Toast. And more guacamole.

Oh yeah, and my wife and kids.

(Let’s keep the fact that I forgot to mention them FIRST between us, ‘mkay?)

Anyways, have you heard about the newest book by my friend Jeff Goins? Well, he’s giving it away free for a limited time (you just pay shipping). And I want to tell you more about it.

Jeff is an author and he runs one of the most popular blogs for writers. And yet, for a long time he was just like most people – working a day job and struggling to figure out what he was passionate about.

Once he figured out the meaningful work he loved doing and how to get paid to do it, his success was meteoric.

And now, he wants to share what he knows with you.  (And a free book!)

Jeff’s book, The Art of Work, is all about finding your calling, that thing you were meant to do. It’s full of inspiring stories and research about how you can take your passion and turn into a lifestyle.

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How to Strengthen Your Mental Toughness Like An FBI Agent

LaRae Quy was a brand new FBI Special Agent, and it was the height of the Cold War, but she was given a huge job.

Her assignment was to go undercover and locate a known Soviet spy operating somewhere in Silicon Valley, and to convince him to start spying for the U.S.

Sound impossible? It sure did. The odds were long. Much was at stake. And failure was lurking around every corner.

Kind of like the world of business.

It turns out FBI Special Agent work has more to do with business than you might think. In business, your mental strength will determine whether you rise to a challenge or crumble. In Quy’s situation, we see what can happen when mental strength is broken down.

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Reader Q&A: Should I Form a LLC or the Business First?

Chicken eggTime for another edition of Reader Q&A! If you have a question for me, feel free to send in your questions. I love hearing from you.

I recently received a question from Kevin C. in Oregon,  who wanted to know: “Would it be better to begin with an LLC when starting your business rather than starting your business and trying to form an LLC later?”

Answer: This is a real “chicken or the egg” question – which should come first?  The LLC? Or the business?

First let me tell you what most stuffy lawyers would say. They’d say you should absolutely form the LLC first. Don’t do a thing until you’ve spent thousands of dollars and weeks of your time devoted to setting up a LLC, including hammering out an operating agreement, filing the articles of organization with the state, etc.

But here’s the thing. A lot of people don’t have the money to do that. Or they don’t know if their business will succeed.  They don’t even know if their business idea is something the market wants.

So why spend all that money and time and hassle when you don’t even know if the business will work?

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